Sunday, May 19, 2024

Tag: student debt

Biden administration announces new plan to cancel student debt

The new plan is an effort to fulfill a promise that President Biden made as a candidate in 2020.

FAA Reauthorization Act’s stealth attack on student loan forgiveness

Inside the bill lies a clause that could effectively pilot a broader campaign against the cancellation of student debts, starting with those incurred for flight training and education.

Biden announces $6 billion in student debt relief for public service...

The debt relief would forgive roughly $6 billion for 78,000 borrowers such as teachers, nurses or social workers enrolled in the Public Service Loan Forgiveness (PSLF) program.

Biden is forgiving another $1.2 billion in student loan debt starting...

As loan servicers process their forgiveness, they will see their debts discharged from their accounts.  

Means testing is drowning the disabled in a sea of red...

“Means testing is ruining my life.”

Supreme Court strikes down President Biden’s plan to erase billions in...

In a 6-3 decision, the Supreme Court claimed that the Biden administration's plan lacked authority and overstepped the powers of the Education Department and instead needed to go through Congress.

How students jump started a bold new campaign for debt abolition 

In response to these ongoing threats, students are once again taking action.

Student debt forgiveness is a win-win for our country

The majority of us support debt relief, but lobbyist-backed lawsuits are holding back Americans from achieving a better life.

Faced with ‘baseless political lawsuits,’ Biden extends student loan payment freeze

"This is a welcome step towards stimulating the economy and providing some economic relief to millions of Americans."

DOJ appeals as Trump judge blocks student debt cancellation with ‘farcical’...

"A federal judge conspired with right-wing politicians and corrupt corporations to block life-changing student debt relief for tens of millions of families," said one campaigner.


Trump’s alleged $1 billion campaign deal with Big Oil: $110 billion windfall revealed

An investigation into Donald Trump’s alleged quid pro quo offer to oil executives uncovers potential tax savings of $110 billion, raising serious ethical, legal, and environmental concerns.

16 Democrats join GOP to pass controversial Israel Security Assistance Support Act

In a surprising bipartisan move, 16 Democrats break ranks to support a GOP-led bill compelling U.S. military aid to Israel, despite President Biden’s veto threat and significant human rights concerns.

Biden administration moves to reclassify marijuana: A major shift in US drug policy

President Biden’s Department of Justice takes historic steps to reclassify marijuana, aiming to end a ‘failed approach’ and recognize its medical benefits, sparking mixed reactions from lawmakers and advocates.

Florida bans sale and distribution of lab-grown meat throughout state

Florida Governor Ron DeSantis passed a ban on lab-grown meat with similar initiatives being considered in Arizona, Alabama and Tennessee.

Trump’s alleged $1 billion oil deal exposed: Media blackout raises alarms

A stunning quid pro quo promise to Big Oil executives by former President Donald Trump receives scant coverage, raising questions about media integrity and democratic accountability.