Tuesday, August 11, 2020

Tag: student debt

Canceling student debt could be the answer to growing the economy

Overall, if these 44 million Americans were debt free, it would promote consumer spending and grow every sector of the U.S. economy.

Time to solve the student debt crisis

This is the kind of issue that progressives should aim to solve.

College was once free and for the public good – What...

Students didn’t have to worry about tuition and debt until higher education became more about personal gain than contributing to society.

Republicans are right: Going to college hurts

Women owe two-thirds of the nation’s outstanding $1.3 trillion student loan debt.

Reaffirm our national community by forgiving student debt

The election of Donald Trump has reawakened something in millions of Americans.

STUDY: Evening Cable News Spent Less Than Two and a Half...

Only 2 percent of guests discussing these issues identified as current or recent borrowers — 6 percent were students.

Majority of College Kids Go Hungry—Even With Jobs and Financial Aid

Over half of college students are facing food insecurity despite assistance programs.

Let borrowers refinance their student loans

This petition is closed.

7 Million Graduates Not Paying Student Loans

In 2016, former students are being burdened by student loan debt stronger than ever before. It is time to make a change.

What’s Wrong with the Obama Administration’s Plan to Help Student Debtors

The public has until Aug. 1 to weigh in on the Department of Education's proposed new regulations.


Trump just admitted on live television he will ‘terminate’ Social Security and Medicare if...

"We just heard it straight from Trump's own mouth: If reelected, he will destroy Social Security."

Alert! Social Security and Medicare are in critical danger

Trump launches attack on key programs for the elderly...

A good news storyline: Trump repudiated, Biden steady but insufficient. Enter systemic reformers.

Biden is no FDR. To expect systemic reform from Biden is naive but to envision him as a stepping stone is good progressive strategy.

An ‘unethical experimentation on children’: Digital rights groups oppose facial recognition in schools backed...

"The research shows that prematurely deploying the technology without understanding its implications would be unethical and dangerous."

It could have been different

And keep in mind, when assessing this world I’m going to leave behind to those I hold near and dear, that Covid-19 is hardly the worst of it. Behind that pandemic is something so much worse.