Friday, February 21, 2020

Tag: Trump administration

Donald Trump’s mission creep just took a giant leap forward

In just a few days, the new president has upended the rules of democracy with a clumsy, heavy-handedness worse than we imagined.

Less than an hour after the inauguration Trump removed climate change...

The new administration has removed all mention of key issues and replaced them with hazy plans on energy, foreign policy, law enforcement, military, jobs, and trade deals.

Did senators rush through Rick Perry’s energy dept hearing to attend...

It looks like Perry has the votes necessary to become the next Secretary of Energy.

Don’t judge Sessions by his cover

He wrote the book on discrimination.

30 years later, the Senate should reject Jeff Sessions again

The Senate Judiciary Committee should be consistent and reject Sessions as attorney general, as it rejected him for a judgeship 30 years ago.

A fox in every chicken coop

Trump's cabinet prepares for the feast.

As a Trump administration fast approaches, cities and towns gear up...

In the years to come, community bills of rights are one strategy to shelter vulnerable populations.

Robert Reich on the First 100 Day Resistance Agenda against Trump:...

Oppose the Trump agenda and boycott all Trump products.

As Trump names Exxon CEO Tillerson secretary of state, waterkeeper alliance...

“Now is the time to push back against this era of misinformation and move toward climate leadership built on truth and a respect for science.”

Trump is taking on Wall Street, literally

The next administration will have plenty of billionaires – and no working class populists.


Sander’s monumental mistake: failing to explain exactly what a democratic socialist government is

It’s time that Sanders speaks out, explains what democratic socialism is and reminds Americans that it is a central part of this country, and that’s why he espouses that political ideology.

Yale study says Medicare for All would save US $450 billion, prevent nearly 70,000...

The study in The Lancet found that Medicare for All, supported by Bernie Sanders and Elizabeth Warren, will save money and is more cost-effective than “Medicare for All Who Want It."

Factchecking NPR’s attempted takedown of Bernie Sanders

Their ignorance is willful, and finds its roots in a profoundly ideological position, an ideology adopted by journalists who favor and are rewarded by corporate arguments promoted by corporate Democrats.

Sanders alone on debate stage to say candidate with the most votes should get...

“Out of all the candidates, Bernie is the only one to advocate for the democratic will of the people.”

Millions of Americans crowdfunding to cover medical expenses

“It comes down to a profit-making motive that is baked into a system—a system that puts profits over patients.”