Tuesday, March 31, 2020

Tag: Trump administration

The problem goes way beyond Kellyanne Conway: Trump’s team of TV...

Have we ever had a modern-day press secretary who put so many substantial lies up on the board in just a few short weeks?

(Neo)Conned? The Trump administration’s dangerous mix of old and new

The current President seems ready to repeat the worst mistakes of the past while at the same time steering the United States in dangerous new directions.

Field of fright

The terror inside Trump’s White House

Here’s how NBC News is catering to Trump’s presidency

As Trump feuds with CNN, NBC is elevating voices that are accommodating Trump.

What happens when all we have left is the Pentagon?

Trump’s vision of a militarized America.

The Left needs to be a movement, not a bunch of...

We need to focus on big demands and big issues that benefit all but the ruling elites and that will fundamentally change the way the country operates.

Democrats boycott committee vote on Trump’s EPA pick

“Pruitt is wholly unfit and unqualified to lead the EPA.”

Donald Trump’s mission creep just took a giant leap forward

In just a few days, the new president has upended the rules of democracy with a clumsy, heavy-handedness worse than we imagined.

Less than an hour after the inauguration Trump removed climate change...

The new administration has removed all mention of key issues and replaced them with hazy plans on energy, foreign policy, law enforcement, military, jobs, and trade deals.

Did senators rush through Rick Perry’s energy dept hearing to attend...

It looks like Perry has the votes necessary to become the next Secretary of Energy.


Does recklessly killing citizens endanger Trump re-election?

The question for the next six months: Will the damage from Trump’s past, present and future crimes against humanity make him less electable?

‘Unacceptable’: Dems fume after Trump announces plan to refuse Congressional oversight of corporate bailout...

"The Treasury has the ability to move this money extremely quickly; there's nobody that Secretary Mnuchin has to ask."

Media silent as poll workers contract COVID-19 at primaries that DNC, Biden campaign claimed...

And instead of reporting on this urgent story, the media have enabled this dangerous behavior.

Is the DNC cheating? Again?

The DNC’s candidate always gains in the counting. And that is highly suspicious.

No debates, Joe; a discussion

If Biden and Bernie can have public discussions about important platform and personnel issues, the likelihood is that they could find genuine compromises and form a real coalition.