Time for the U.S. to Lay Down the Law to Israel; Enough is Enough

The Central Intelligence Agency claimed that Russia used Wikileaks as “a delivery vehicle for hacked emails” that “helped” ensure Trump’s Election. The news came just as Wikileaks released evidence exonerating Assange of long-standing criminal charges.

Israel must be put in its place and told that the days of its government manipulating America and its people are now over and done. Enough is enough. When Israel and its Prime Minister Netanyahu recently entered into the internal affairs of the U.S. government in an attempt to torpedo the critically important negotiations over Iran’s nuclear program, it made a terrible mistake for which it will pay a great price going into the future.

That has to be the last straw and, for that reason among many others, President Obama who has been much too submissive to Netanyahu must immediately take action to see that the entire relationship with that country undergoes a thorough examination and significant changes are made.

Israel and its government take and take but give back absolutely nothing in return. Over decades they have taken various actions that were not in the best interests of the U.S. In 1967, in an incident which could have been considered an act of war, Israel attacked the USS Liberty, a research ship located in international waters, with Israeli jet fighters and Navy torpedo boats. 34 members of the ship’s crew were killed and 171 were wounded. If any other nation had done that it would have suffered a major attack in return but Israel walked away scot free.

Israel has been caught spying on the U.S. endless times. In the most famous of these incidents, Jonathon Pollard, an American civilian intelligence analyst, pleaded guilty to selling classified U.S. government to Israel and admitted he had done so at the request of that government. The number of spying incidents by Israel against the U.S. is monumental and you can find a long list of illegal/criminal spying actions that Israel has committed against America in this article.

Now, believe it or not, the Israeli government has been caught spying on the current negotiations in which the P5+1 nations, the U.S. and other major countries, are working with Iran on controlling that nation’s nuclear program. Here is the link to an article that refers to a story in the Wall Street Journal that has exposed this latest deceitful spying.

Here we have critically important negotiations that are close to reaching an agreement going on with nations that are trying to prevent a potential nuclear catastrophe sometime in the future and what do we see? We see this treacherous Israeli government conducting this spying operation in order to gather information that they then furnished to the Republican leadership in order to get that political party to help in killing these negotiations. This is a government that has no intention of helping to work for a peaceful settlement and for some twisted reason wants to prolong the current tenuous situation between Israel and Iran. That’s madness.

Now the U.S. government has been trying for decades to have Israel limit or end its building of settlements for Jewish citizens in Palestinian territory, but to no avail. This was a critically important element needed to initiate serious, effective negotiations between Israel and the Palestinians in developing a two-state solution. But the Israeli government has continually defied the U.S. in totally ignoring this great need and has continued to build new settlements on an ongoing basis.

These nefarious actions that have been directly committed against America and Israel’s defiance of the U.S. government’s requests for cooperation in important matters have made it clear that Israel and its government cannot be trusted. Their PM, Netanyahu, can play footsie with the Republicans all he wants but that will get him nowhere.

The U.S. government must demand that Israel take steps to begin meaningful talks with the Palestinians in order to lay the groundwork for a two-state solution. An ultimatum must be given to them that decades of stalling can no longer be tolerated. And if Israel and Netanyahu refuse and continue to stonewall the process then it’s time to read them the riot act and this president should take the make every attempt to initiate the following steps in order to bring that government in line:

The U.S. use of the veto to defeat UN Security Council resolutions against Israel for its abuses and crimes against the Palestinian people must come to a halt. There is a good chance that now that this could happen in certain very serious cases and then justice will finally begin to be served. The president can instruct his UN representative to do so anytime he wishes; he has that power.

And who knows, when and if the Palestinian request for statehood comes before the UN for a vote, perhaps the U.S. will not try to kill it. Of course that’s a long shot but there’s always that hope.

The annual $3.2 billion aid to Israel must also come to a screeching halt. If any aid is to be given for non-military purposes, it should be done by loans which must be paid back; the days of the free lunch and asking for handouts and then biting the hand that feeds you must end.

The U.S. should demand that Israel must not impede or in any way bring harm to the Peace Flotillas whose objectives are to deliver humanitarian supplies to Gaza. They must be allowed to carry out their missions and most certainly never again be viciously attacked.

The settlement building must immediately be curtailed; this practice by the Israeli government is like throwing gasoline on a raging fire.

Tear down the walls erected around Palestinian areas of Israel and stop penning in those people like they are nothing more than animals.

Demand that Israel, which has a formidable nuclear arsenal, finally acknowledges that it has one and, secondly, demand that it signs onto the NPT, the Nuclear Non-Proliferation Treaty, that 190 other nations, including Iran, have already done.

Over many decades Israel has developed an attitude that America and its people have some kind of a moral obligation to blindly support it no matter how misguided its policies and actions may be. Perhaps that comes from the fact that there are some 7 million Jewish Americans, many of them very influential, in this country or that it’s because of those Americans who, because of their religious beliefs, consider the Jews to be God’s “chosen people.”

Is the world’s superpower going to continue to follow the dictates of this tiny, sliver of a nation that few if any nations of the world respect anymore and many now refer to it as a pariah nation?

All this may be what needs to happen but here’s the problem. Much of this government and a sizable portion of the American people will continually defend Israel no matter what it does and will resist reining it in; especially the lapdog Republicans who lick the boots of their Israeli masters and worship at their feet and too many Democrats who also defend Israel no matter what.

Because of his intense hatred of President Obama, Netanyahu has joined with these Republicans to try to use them to influence the government and to get Jewish Americans to join this alliance. But that’s not going to happen because the large majority of them are supporters of the Democratic Party and Mr. Obama.

What a deceitful, conniving political opportunist this guy Netanyahu is; when it seemed like his chances for winning the recent election were going down in flames, what did he do? Well, he appealed to the many neocon war hawks in Israel, first telling them that he would kill the two-state solution and then scared the hell out of them when he told them that Arab voters were swarming to the polls to undermine him and his party. Well he did pull out the win and then, if you can believe it, this compulsive liar said that he really didn’t mean to infer that a two-state solution was off the table. How sickening, repulsive and appalling.

When Israel was granted statehood in 1947 it would have been a great thing if its government would have clearly understood that it was entering a country where Palestinians already lived and that it would have found the ways to live with their new neighbors in a state of peace and harmony. But instead of trying to live side by side it didn’t take the Israeli government long before it decided that it wanted to control that entire country and that’s exactly what it did; and that’s why we are watching this ongoing bloodbath.

With all that said, this is a country which America should now put in its place, it must lay down the law and make it clear to the leaders of Israel that the U.S. will no longer be guided in any way by its dictates and demands. Those days have now come to an end.


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