12 Year-Old Girl Killed by Officer in Eviction Confrontation


12-year-old Ciara Meyer was shot and killed by a constable in Pennsylvania during a confrontation that took place when the constable attempted to serve an eviction warrant.

Constable Clarke Steele arrived at the family’s home to enforce a previously issued eviction order. When he arrived and knocked on the door Ciara’s father, Donald Meyer, opened the door, only to shut it before retrieving his rifle, then opened the door armed. According to reports, Mr. Meyer pointed the weapon at Constable Steele, causing Steele to fire his weapon, which went through Meyer’s arm and hit Ciara.

Ciara died at the scene.

Her father was treated at Penn State Hershey Medical Center with a non-life threatening injury. He is also being charges with aggravated assault, simple assault, terroristic threats, and reckless endangerment.

A neighbor, whose daughter was friends with Ciara, spoke kindly, saying that Ciara was a “very kind, sweet kid.”

Steele voluntarily suspended himself after the shooting and state police have launched an investigation to determine if charges should take place. Constables in Pennsylvania are members of the Commonwealth Constables Association, which is separate from any law enforcement agency. Constables are either elected or appointed.

According to the spokesman for the association, Steele is cooperation fully with state police and is “shattered” by Ciara’s death.

On Wednesday Coroner Michael Shalonis ruled Ciara’s death as a homicide.


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