Here’s How Trump Will Go Down In Flames In the General Election


It’s very likely that Donald Trump will become the Republican nominee for U.S. president and face off against either Hillary Clinton or Bernie Sanders in the general election. We will then witness a series of presidential debates that will be unlike any others that have taken place in modern American history.

I would advise the organizers of these debates to make an extensive search to come up with the most skilled and respected moderators that will make certain that the verbal exchanges are done in a civil and rational manner and that the participants are not allowed to continually evade the questions; because if they don’t Trump will turn the debates into a political reality show starring himself­­­.

It’s no secret that both Hillary Clinton and Bernie Sanders hope that Trump is the GOP nominee because they feel that this arrogant, narcissistic, loose cannon has the capacity to implode in a fit of anger and rage at any time, and sink his own political ship.

While Trump continues on a roll both his fellow candidates and the GOP leaders are looking for some way to reverse his momentum, they have little chance of succeeding. So, for the purpose of this article, let’s say that he withstands any and all attacks and becomes the GOP nominee for president. Let’s speculate on what will happen then.

In any debate about the key issues and problems present in America, either Bernie Sanders or Hillary Clinton will make Trump look like a political hack simply because he can’t discuss issues in depth. When Trump, the master of generalities, is confronted with a moderator’s explicit question he will, as he always does, attempt to dodge it; and then come up with his usual “Well, we’ll get back to you on that one” or “We’re working on that.” But there will be nowhere for him to run and hide in a real debate in front of many millions of Americans.

So when his opponent makes a strong statement about an issue in question, which will certainly happen, it will be a delight to see how Trump waffles and squirms, trying to come up with some way to respond. This should be entertainment of the highest order, watching him totally embarrass himself. Will Trump be able to stand the heat and make it through the debates?

Let’s say that, by some miracle, he is able to somehow survive. Then then second phase of this contest will come into play, which involves the generation of a barrage of political commercials created by each candidate’s organization.

And here is where the real fun begins; here is where Trump will more than meet his match and then his candidacy will be in serious trouble.

The Democratic candidate’s organization will have to choose a top-notch, highly skilled media consultant to create hard-hitting political commercials aimed at The Donald. Here is the strategy that should be pursued in presenting these commercials to the American public.

There will be a series of commercials that will appear in the media in an effort to reach into every corner of America. Most certainly many of the commercials will extol the virtues and credentials of the Democratic candidate. But many others will be designed to show Americans what Trump is all about, emphasizing his obvious character flaws, including his proficiency in the art of character assassination.

We might call this series, “The Best of Trump.” We will collect the audio and video tapes on which Trump has been caught insulting, demeaning and disparaging various individuals, races and ethnic groups, and turn them into eye-catching productions, highlighting the disgusting look on his face as he spews out his venomous attacks.

All America will have the opportunity to see or hear these commercials featuring Trump directing these low-level insults to others who dared to differ with him on issues; including the many individuals who he just can’t tolerate. Here is a brief view of some of the sleaziest personal attacks:

Women in general or specific individuals: We’ll see and/or hear Trump saying, ““Fiorina is truly as dumb as a rock” and “Hypocrite Fiorina.” We’ll hear his words, “Dummy women.” Trump has referred to various women who he doesn’t like as “fat pigs, dogs, slobs and disgusting animals.” Rosie O’Donnell has often been the object of his spiteful insults and wrath.

Trump will be quoted as saying, “Hispanics graduated last in their class–dummy!” and “Losers such as Hispanics use me for publicity for themselves. They are strictly third rate.” And the greatest insult against Hispanics will be when he states that “They are rapists and murderers”

We’ll see him at a rally poking fun at that NY Times reporter, Serge Kovaleski, who has a disability with symptoms much like muscular dystrophy and the shaking body motions that go with it. It will show Trump waving and flapping his arms back and forth and up and down, imitating this man’s disability. We’ll watch as Trump smirks and says, “So here’s this guy, this reporter, and he’s all like this, Ha!, Ha!.”

Regarding Asians, notably Chinese: “”When these people walk into the room, they don’t say, “Oh, hello, how’s the weather? It’s so beautiful outside. They say, We want deal!”

On African Americans: Trump has been quoted as stating, “African Americans are very lazy. The best they can do is gallivanting around ghettoes, lamenting how they are discriminated. These are the people America doesn’t need.” Now, to be fair, other reports show that he actually said “Africans”, not African Americans; but in either case, it is an insult.

And, one commercial that will not deal with insults but will be highly troubling will have Trump proclaiming to the American people and the world that he will “use water boarding and a whole lot more” when dealing with “suspected” enemies.

These commercials, many of them portraying Trump as the modern-day version of Benito Mussolini, who he greatly resembles, will run in the media continuously. And there will be additional ones created to highlight more and more of new insults, as well as lies and gross misrepresentations of fact by the Trumpster.

But while I make this dire prediction of how Trump will go down in flames I also want to make this observation: that if he would have conducted his campaign in a civil, rational manner, refraining from the constant insults and smears of his opponents and had concentrated on how he would specifically make American “Great again”, then he might have been unstoppable and maybe even defeated the Democratic candidate in November. However, that’s not Trump, he shoots from the hip and his mouth and he is playing the only role that he knows; the master of disruption and dissension.

As the election process evolves Trump’s chances of winning the presidency will be virtually destroyed because of how he has completely alienated the vast majority of women, Hispanics, African-Americans, Asians and the mass of Americans.

And, then, we’ll watch as Trump’s run for the presidency goes down in flames.


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