One Man’s Dark Account of a Trump Rally


James Troup attended a rally in Dayton, Ohio last week simply to just observe. Troup observed the nearly all-white crowd and the cheers for things like torture and death.

As progressive media has noted recently, Trump’s message is based heavily on fear. Troup states that Trump did his best to rile up the crowd, which would cheer for waterboarding, cheer for torture and call to “cut off their heads.” When protestors were escorted from the building the crowd were yell and hear, some even shouting “kill them!”


YEAH!!! YEAH!!! GET THE FUCK OUT!!! (Protestor #1) #TrumpRally

Posted by James Troup on Monday, March 14, 2016

Troup stated that at one point he began to feel afraid:

“At this point, the black kid that grew up in the projects, surrounded by drugs and gunfire, felt CONCERNED for his safety…at a Donald Trump rally.”

Here is Troup’s full account:

This is what I will say about the Trump rally I attended Saturday…alone.

It was scary. This man knows just what to say to fire up his crowd, no matter how factually inaccurate it may be.

Wall! ISIS! Kill Them! Mexico!

Then there was the blatant fear mongering. He told Ohioans that only oil was propping up their state, and that their economy was in serious trouble. He said this over and over again.

He also told the crowd that ISIS was out to kill them. That ISIS was putting 50 people at a time in cages and drowning them in the ocean. And that we had to kill them first.

Cheers for water boarding. Cheers for torture. Calls to cut off their heads.

If this was a brown person saying the exact same things in the Middle East, we’d call them a dangerous terrorist. But since it’s a white man in America, we call him a Presidential Candidate.

The scariest part was the crowd. They loved everything that was being said. The calls for the wall. The calls to blow up oil fields. The calls to torture and kill people.

And the protestors. Every time a protestor was kicked out, they were yells to get them out of here, even to KILL THEM!!!

Really? Kill them? For protesting?

I felt like at any point, the crowd was going to light torches and grab their pitchforks, and spill out into the streets.

The worst part was when their venom turned toward me. There were protestors around me who got ushered out, and then people started pointing at me, motioning for the Secret Service to “get him out of there”.

Now mind you, I hadn’t uttered a single word the entire rally, but people still said things like “Well what about this one? He needs to go too!”

At this point, the black kid that grew up in the projects, surrounded by drugs and gunfire, felt CONCERNED for his safety…at a Donald Trump rally.

At that rally, I saw the scary underbelly of America. I saw unadulterated hate, fueled by intentional misinformation.

These people who, just 2 hours ago, seemed like good and kind people, were now cheering for blood.

The worst part is Donald Trump knows EXACTLY what he’s doing. He’s patterned his campaign after a WWE match…

And it’s working.


Troup also posted another description (WARNING, graphic language):

So at the Trump rally were 2 groups… 4 white guys (ages 30-60) and a 15 year old son, and 4 black guys and a white guy…college students.

The 60 year old engages the group in conversation about politics. Guy says something about “instead of rioting…” Etc. clear pre-conceived notions about the guys.

Conversation was mutually respectful.

Then he learns the black guys are students at Miami, and seems quite impressed. Even when his buddies say “hey, did you set em straight?”, the guy responds “they are really smart fellas, they are students at Miami, and you got to have brains to get in there.

Said 60 some white guy spends 90% of his pre-rally time (well over an hour) talking to the group of black college students on various topics from politics to sports.

Then the rally starts…

The white group is hooting and hollering, cheering about torturing people, booing Obama…the 15 year old even goes FUCK THAT NIGGER when Obama is mentioned…and received a quick elbow to the ribs from his father, like “there’s a black guy next to you, dumb ass!”

The 60 year old, however, is silent the entire rally. He’s admittedly a Donald Trump supporter, but no cheers for the standard trump one liners.

It seemed like something in that 60 year old, blue collar, white guy changed. It seemed like, in forming a bond with these young, dread headed black college students…in developing respect for them as intelligent human beings, that he found it difficult to stand next to them and cheer divisiveness…

Here were a group of young men who changed his pre-conceived notions about them, simply by having a conversation. And if America the Great was wrong about them, then maybe America the Great is wrong about some other things too…


You can watch a full video of the rally here:


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