Cities Turning to a Plastic-Free Future


This July, people are participating in a plastic free month, raising awareness about the environmental toll single-use disposable plastic has on the world. Plastic bags water bottles, takeaway coffee cups and straws are the top products used once and thrown away.

If we continue to consume plastic at the rate we are, by 2050 it is believed there will be more plastic pollution than there are fish in the ocean.

“There are some really simple ways to cut down on plastic,” wrote campaign cocreator Rebecca Prince-Ruiz. “This includes using reusable containers, saying no to straws, and carrying reusable shopping bags. It is important to remember that this is a challenge, not a competition. There is some plastic packaging you simply can’t avoid.”

Recycling is definitely helpful and a step in the right direction, but creating awareness about the increase in plastic consumption is important to hopefully reduce plastic waste over time.


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