Bernie Sanders Joins Forces with Protestors to Halt DAPL

Sanders and four other senators have signed a powerful letter sent to Obama urging a halt of the Dakota Access Pipeline.


Bernie Sanders and four other Senate Democrats joined together with protestors and sent a letter to the Obama administration, requesting a halt to the construction of the Dakota Access Pipeline until a thorough review involving tribal leaders can be completed.

Over the past few months, activists and protestors have been fighting tirelessly near Cannon Ball, North Dakota to block the pipeline from being built. American Indians are on the frontline, because the pipeline threatens to contaminate their water and destroy sacred lands.

The developmental process of DAPL is at a standstill, so many people like Bernie Sanders are stepping up to help resolve the conflict.

Back in September, Sanders had joined a Washington, D.C. protest against the pipeline and has openly voiced his disdain numerous times.


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