Stunning news! President will present a sweeping plan to combat domestic terrorism

But do we hear any in-depth discussions relative to the measures which need to be taken to bring this situation under control?

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In an early morning tweet yesterday, President Trump made this stunning announcement: “The American people have had enough of these mass shootings, these acts of domestic terrorism. In the next few days I will present a comprehensive plan to Congress and the American people by which to bring this dire situation under control.
This tweet went viral on Twitter and other forms of communication. Millions upon millions of Americans heard the great news and were ecstatic, lavishing praise on the president for taking this decisive action to deal with these domestic atrocities.
They flooded the streets of cities across America, celebrating this monumental announcement, so pleased and grateful that that something was finally going to be done about these mass shootings that have been killing innocent Americans, including helpless little children.
Watching these dreadful crimes being committed against Americans by their fellow Americans has been like watching a frightening movie again and again. A terrible mass shooting takes place, Americans are stunned, shocked; the media covers the tragedy 24/7, experts on terrorism appear on CNN, MSNBC and network news shows and go on and on about what the shooter’s motive may have been, if he had accomplices, or had mental problems.
But do we hear any in-depth discussions relative to the measures which need to be taken to bring this situation under control? The president and members of Congress express their sympathies to the victim’s families but do absolutely nothing to try to end these murders of innocents. And where is the rage, the outrage that should be coming from the American people?
When all the shock and media attention dies down, politicians in Congress quickly turn to other matters, the media returns to the unearthing of societal and political scandals, and the American people go on about their business. And then the next mass shooting takes place followed by another and another and there seems to be no end in sight.
This is exactly what happened when that horrendous domestic terrorist attack took place not long ago in Las Vegas when
58 people were gunned down and 546 wounded during a concert.
America has a government that continues to spend mega-billions on the War on Terror to fight against suspected terrorists in foreign nations when the greatest threat to Americans today comes from within America itself.
President Trump, true to his word, followed through and presented his ambitious plan to Congress and the American people. In the Congress, Mitch McConnell and Paul Ryan, leaders of the Senate and the House respectively, fully aware that Mr. Trump, the Democratic Party, and the majority of Americans all wanted these mass shootings to end, wasted no time in declaring that they were 100% behind the plan.
Here are the main elements of the president’s plan:
There will be a total ban on any form of military-style assault weapon. Private ownership of AR-15s, AK47s and similar weaponry will no longer be allowed.
There will also be a ban on large ammunition magazines and bump stocks that equip weapons to fire 9 rounds per second with some at 800 per minute.
NRA and gun industry representatives will no longer be allowed to enter the halls of Congress with the intent to lobby legislators. Legislators will not be able to accept campaign contributions, gifts or any type perks from gun industry corporations or their representatives.
Gun shows will have law enforcement representatives present who will make certain that background checks are performed when anyone wants to purchase any type of guns or rifles. Any weaponry that is on the banned weapons list will be confiscated.  
The president and members of Congress will urge states to strongly tighten the process of issuing concealed carry weapons permits and to completely eliminate open carry laws.
Trump, during a news conference, when questioned about when these measures would be implemented, said that he would announce the date very soon.  And then he shocked everyone present by stating that he was considering proposing an even stronger, far more comprehensive plan.
He said he was greatly impressed with the plan that the government of Australia had implemented to greatly reduce all forms of gun violence. He said: “The government of Australia, following a terrible mass shooting in 1996, which infuriated the people of that country, declared that it was high time that Australia took steps to drastically restrict gun ownership and use.”
He went on to say that “The Australian government established a national firearms registry, a waiting period of 28 days before a firearm could be purchased; it totally banned all forms of automatic weapons, and created a new, very strong licensing procedure. It purchased more than 600,000 firearms from its citizens. Since those actions were taken there hasn’t been any mass shooting in Australia.”
When he finished a reporter asked him, “Are you saying that t you would just follow the model created by another country? Trump smiled and said, “If you are inferring that, instead of leading, I’m following, then you are exactly right. I’m not doing this to seek praise or for personal glory, that’s not my style; I’m just doing what is best for my country and its people.”
He made it clear that first and foremost the American people must remain safe and secure without fear of domestic terrorists. He said that he would launch a review of the funding for the War on Terror and transfer billions of dollars from fighting suspected terrorists in overseas nations to waging war against the scourge of domestic terror.
He stressed that America’s reputation, that it is considered to be the most violent nation among the 32 developed countries in the world, is one that must be vastly improved; that the plague of mass killings can no longer be tolerated. He lamented that in this country, commonly referred to as the “Land of the free and the home of the brave”, the American people will never feel safe unless and until their government brings and end to these vicious attacks.  
Mr. Trump became very emotional when he talked about that terrible time for America when 20 young children and 6 staff members were mercilessly gunned down in the Sandy Cove, VT school tragedy in 2012. He promised that this government and his administration would do everything in their power to see that such an evil act would never again happen.
He stated that Americans have a Constitutional right to own guns and rifles for self-protection, hunting and target practice. He referred to himself as a strict Constitutionalist and that the 2nd Amendment gave citizens the right to keep and bear arms. But he believed that the writers of the Constitution trusted that the American judicial system would guard against any egregious abuses of that Amendment.
Trump’s reasoning is something like this; if we can address and solve this massive problem in which Americans are being gunned down by their fellow Americans then we can solve any problem facing this country. He said that when this plan is implemented it will contribute to making America great again.
President Trump’s plan is truly revolutionary in that the American people will, once again, be able to carry on their lives without fear of some gunman taking their lives or those of their children at any point in time anywhere in America.
As our president ended a special meeting with the media he thanked all those present and said that he was confident that what he was doing as the leader of this country, during its great time of need, would go down in history as one of the greatest achievements of any American president.
Buzz, buzz, buzz, that’s my alarm clock going off. I was in this deep sleep, enjoying a beautiful dream in which President Trump vowed to end the madness of domestic terrorism that plagues this country and society. Now I’m fully awake and back to reality; it was, indeed, no more than a dream and only a miracle from above will stop this madness.
But miracles do happen and let’s hope some future U.S. president will have the courage and conviction to attack and solve this horrific problem. 


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