If Melania Trump’s Facebook is being moderated, she’s sending a strong anti-Donald message!

Does Trump ever look at his wife's Facebook page?

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The following image, posted on the anniversary of Trump’s inauguration, and the folliowubg comments were copied verbatim directly from her Facebook page’s public forum. They suggest that FLOTUS is pretty seriously pissed at The Donald.

First Lady Melania Trump
January 20 at 11:16am ·
This has been a year filled with many wonderful moments. I’ve enjoyed the people I’ve been lucky enough to meet throughout our great country & the world!

Melania Trump Facebook page showing her with Marine Escort (sans hubby) posted on anniversary of Trump’s Inauguration

Konstantine Anthony Thank you for not posting a photo with your soon-to-be ex-husband.
You deserve so much better than him and the American people support you dumping his @$$!

Dee Dee Bronnier I’m not a fan but God woman, you speak 5 languages. You’re smart, cunning, and know ALL the secrets — get your dignity back and leave the pig!!

Dave Ullrich Melania, you know what to do. #DivorceDonnie for cheating on you with #Stormy. Think about your son being raised to be just like daddy. #Cheater

Ricky Lee if she can put up with that piece of shit she is an amazing woman..

Judie Wicks How do you make it okay? How do you sleep with a man who has obviously cheated on you? How do you make the things Baron’s classmates say about ” Your dad looked at a 10 year old and said he’d being doing her when she’s 18 ” Wasn’t he married to you at that time? You are not beautiful enough for him that he’s looking at a 10 year old? Him opening up the door of teenage girls hoping to see them naked doesn’t concern you? The father of your child? He bragged about it on Howard Stern. He has his older son’s killing elephants?? Is this what your teaching your son?? When do you run from this shit? When do you care enough to save your child? Save the USA girlfriend! RUN and tell your story so this man can do our country no more harm!

Mary Peterson You seem to be a good soul. I can tell in your photos how you love children. Take care of yourself and your son. Don’t let him grow up to be like his father. Teach him to love and respect everyone, no matter what walk of life.

Marcos Villa Apparently it’s still too Stormy for Melania to come out of hiding. Let’s Hope while he’s gone she’ll get up the courage to leave the “shithole” he’s caged her up in.

Deborah N’Dina I love to see the smile on your face Melania. I think you should pack up you and your wonderful son and go back to New York. You can do a whole lot better I mean a wholbunche lot better. You don’t deserve what he’s done to you. You deserve better. You got to stand up for all the women that are putting up with all this crap. Maybe as a farn from the president far from um maybe you can help women get out of some of these situations that would be great for you to work on something like that just one on one with all the women who really need you. Think about it you don’t need him

Khoreia Kriya So when is the first presidential divorce? The women of America urge you to dump this cheater before he embarrasses you again for the entire world to see.

Devereux Clarke Melania, have the dignity we have seen in you before and leave your lying, adulterous husband. You deserve so much better.

Brian Mayer Melanie you don’t have to put up with a man who cheats on you , there are multitudes of people who would treat you better. You have one life, why spend it with the greatest douche bag of all time.

Molly Miller The rude, petulant man-child in the Oval Office is reeling ever more wildly out of control, and those who cynically or slavishly pretend otherwise are doing a grave disservice to the nation — and to themselves. Jesus, girl, get off your a** and DO SOMETHING.

Barbara Williamson If your idea of going after cyber-bullying is to back your husband when he bullies, that is so #sad. He is unnecessarily vulgar and mean in his tweet about Mika, but then that’s him on a good day. Maybe you need a different First Lady project.

Barbara Balding Garlic Melania, please speak to your husband about his weird tweets. The entire world is laughing at us because of his bizarre behavior.

Laura Horton Melania, your husband needs another swat! And could you call Ivanka…she’s not babysitting her father/child like she’s supposed to. He’s causing all kinds of trouble in the world neighborhood.

Lesly Trammel Great picture… You seem like a wonderful person… I just wanted to ask you something… No disrespect intended… But are you unhappy with your husband? Because there are a lot of times you do not look like you want to be with him… A lot of people including myself think you could do so much better. I apologize if this was out of line with this question. You seem like a real good person and a wonderful mother. But your husband seems like a real butt heat. I wish you the best of luck…


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