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Wednesday, December 12, 2018

Serial killers and dopes

Like lemmings running over the cliff of reason, our fellow American dopes may never learn!

Just finished reading Ann Rule’s book on serial killer Ted Bundy, a man she knew as a co-worker and friend way back when in Washington State. Of course, Ann did not have the slightest inkling that this fine, intelligent, charming and empathetic soul (they worked together for a suicide hotline) could commit the most gruesome and enraged murders of young women… over and over again. To Ann and most of Ted’s friends, co-workers and fellow college and law school students, he was such a calm and cheery guy. Who would have thunk it? Even after the information filtered down to them, bit by bit over the years, most of them still dismissed any notion that Ted was the one. Even after the police had the name ‘Ted’ as a possible suspect, fitting Bundy’s age and looks, and he drove a VW Bug just like the guy they were searching for, many who knew him waved off the coincidences as just that. How dopey can a person be to not begin to have second thoughts?

Well, we have serial killers running our government. These men happen to be not only our presidents, but others in their administrations who sign on to mass murder. LBJ and Nixon signed off to the carpet bombing of civilian areas during the Vietnam debacle. Bush Sr. did the same during that orchestrated ‘Gulf War’. Then, the crème de la crème of serial killing went to his son, the ‘compassionate conservative’, who signed off on first the carpet bombing of Iraq, replete with that sick phrase by war criminal Rumsfeld of  ‘collateral damage’. A few years later the Bush gang began using drone missiles to destroy terrorist suspects and anyone else who happened to be around them at the time… usually little kids with their moms and of course a few of the elderly thrown in for good measure. Then Mr. ‘Hope and Change’ took office and decided to amp up the use of drone attacks by 10 times! Lots of blood and loose body parts, making the Ted Bundy crime scenes pale in comparison. Now we have our newest apprentice serial killer already allowing his generals to continue the drone attacks and other misadventures in the desert. Oh, I know, what these presidents and their ‘fruit salad wearing’ generals used as justification: It was to win a war! Yet, no war was declared on North Vietnam or Afghanistan, Pakistan, Libya, Yemen and of course Iraq. Thus, to any historian worth his or her salt, when these stories are told years into the future, the term ‘serialkillers’ should be used. Of course, we all know that it won’t.

Now we come to the dopes of empire. Goodness, we have millions of them don’t we? Those of us who opposed the first and second so called ‘Wars’ on Iraq had to put up with the constant cheerleading by both our ’embedded in empire’ media and of course many of our neighbors and coworkers. These dopes couldn’t get enough news of the destruction of Iraq and Afghanistan. Who cared about the actual civilians who had to wait hours for fresh drinking water each day, if lucky to ever get any at all? Who cared about the little kids missing an arm or leg or ear from our ‘Smart bombs’? We won the peace and that is all that mattered. We brought democracy to those countries… as well as massive recruitment for the fanatics calling themselves ISIL or Al-Qaeda. If we never invaded and occupied Iraq, there would be no threat from those fanatics! How many more lives have to be destroyed by our serial killer empire… Not only via our WMDs but through the strangling of our already depressed economy? Like lemmings running over the cliff of reason, our fellow American dopes may never learn!

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