Bernie Sanders reminds people to get out and vote by showing them what’s at stake if Republicans stay in power

Republicans' plans are a disaster for middle class working people and the planet but a blessing for the mega-rich.

Senator Bernie Sanders

It’s voting day! Today millions of people will march to the polls to hopefully vote in ways that will progress the country towards equality and progressive policies.

Yesterday, Senator Bernie Sanders used social media to join in the final efforts to remind people just what’s at stake in these midterm elections. In a tweet to his followers, Sanders posted some key points of the Republican agenda as a reminder: their drive to take affordable health care away from 32 million Americans, give huge tax cuts to billionaires and corporations, slash Medicare, Medicaid, and Social Security, and ignore climate change.

In other words, Republicans’ plans are a disaster for middle class working people and the planet but a blessing for the mega-rich. Although many on the Democrat side haven’t proceeded the way many progressives wish them to, this election is an opportunity to get out the worst of the worst and, in many cases, replace them with decent progressives that will move our country into a better direction.

Not sure where to vote? Start here to get information on voting and find your polling place.


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