‘We are one, we are back:’ Global Strike for Climate 2 is planned for Friday

"Activism works. So act."

Image Credit: Twitter

Set to make history again, the youth is planning another international climate demonstration for this Friday. The Global Strike for Climate 2, under the organization of Greta Thunberg, who began the global climate action movement encouraging students to walk out of their classrooms to demand system change, said there are 1,351 climate strikes planned around the world.

In 110 countries, students and employees alike plan to walk out of class and work to advocate for climate justice.

The #climatestrike on March 15 had an estimated 1.6 million people demonstrate in 123 countries, but Friday’s planned call to action is said to exceed that number from a month ago, according to Common Dreams.

“Activism works. So act,” Thunberg said in a tweet.

Thunberg was the first to strike by protesting outside Swedish Parliament in the fall as a way to hold her country’s elected officials accountable for climate change and get them to take action to stop carbon emissions from warming the planet. Since her one-person protest, the youth across the globe have organized climate strikes demanding “elected officials begin a shift toward renewable energy sources,” Common Dreams reported.

From Sept. 8 and on, Thurnberg and other students and adults continue to strike every Friday, forming the hashtag and movement #FridaysForFuture, “until the Swedish policies provide a safe pathway well under 2-degree C, i.e. in line with the Paris agreement,” the movement’s website stated.

Since the movement formed and other global movements such as Extinction Rebellion have pressured governments to recognize climate change, lawmakers in England, Ireland, Scotland, and Wales have all declared a “climate emergency,” Common Dreams reported.

If something isn’t done to end fossil fuels and keep global warming below 1.5 degrees Celsius, the youth will face the consequences of the governments’ inaction, 350.org said as it called on climate advocates to follow the youth’s lead.

To find a #climatestrike to join on May 24, click here.


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