Epstein: Suicide or murder?

What really happened to Epstein while he was in jail?


Jeffrey Epstein is dead.  He was arrested, denied bail, and then on July 23, 2019, he was found lying in his cell, apparently with a rope or something else around his neck evidencing attempted suicide.  His cellmate, Nick Taglione, was the one who found him and reported the situation to the administrators of the jail.

Taglione was in jail because he was accused of murdering four people.  But the information thus far is that he and Epstein got along well and were friends.  There was no proof that Taglione tried to kill him.  Quite the opposite.

After that, Epstein was moved to another facility and put on suicide watch until some time before August 10.  He was then moved back to the original jail.  But no explanation has been given as to why he was removed from suicide watch after such a short period of time (less than 17 days).  And no information has been given as to whether Taglione or some other prisoner was his cellmate or even if he had a cellmate.  The only thing certain is that he is dead.

His death means that there will be no further investigation of his relationship with Donald Trump, Bill Clinton, or any other person.  There will be no further investigation of the accusations against him for pedophilia or other sexual practices.  There were many facts which suggest that he was engaged in these practices with other famous people, but we will be unlikely to find out the truth.

And this is why it is important to determine who decided why he should be taken off suicide watch and who decided if he would be returned to an empty cell (if that, indeed, is what happened).  

There have been rumors in the past that Bill Clinton has been connected with mysterious deaths, although it has never been proven that he was involved in the cause of those deaths.  Donald Trump has never been proved to be involved in deaths of other persons, although he has been accused of motivating mass shootings.  We do not know whether they (or someone else) are somehow instrumental in the death of Jeffrey Epstein.  Or perhaps Epstein really did kill himself.

What do you think?


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