The circus never left!!

Sorry, this circus only wishes to show us the Forever Food Fight between the two parties, hosted by the clown of clowns.


Remember, those who can, the utter joy of going to the circus as a child? It was quite an experience to walk through the sideshow, watching the clowns or viewing the main acts on center stage. This writer sat there, mesmerized by all this for the two hours running. The colors, the costumes, the music all transported me into a wonderland!

Well, stroll down the dial of your boob tube and catch any of those news talk shows to revisit such an experience. The best bumper sticker I have seen recently was ELECT A CLOWN AND GET A CIRCUS!   Imagine that around 50% of those who actually voted chose an orange-haired, deep tanned reality television and multi bankrupted man to be our president. Now, those with even an iota of intelligence realize that if the Democrats ran Donald Duck in 2016 they would have defeated Donald Trump. They chose not to and we got President Cheetos. Rather than ‘Drain the Swamp’ he went ahead and filled it! Of course, if Ms. Hillary got in, as with Mr. Obama, working stiffs nationwide would have seen little in the way of dynamic change… maybe even an increase in a new Cold War with the Russians. Regardless of whichever of the two phony parties occupy 1600 Pennsylvania Ave, the thing they all claim they cherish, the Middle Class, would be strangled.

Look, we all know there are so many issues that working stiffs should care about, as was always the case.  What is disgusting is when both parties keep on sucking up to the super-rich. The mainstream media, from both sides of this phony political spectrum, even criticizes Ms. Warren as being radical for her ridiculous plan to ‘level the playing field’ by an added 2% Surtax on all wealth over $50 million. Wow! That must really have those jet setters trembling in their $ 2000 shoes and high heels! For my Door #1, this writer has always trumpeted a real plan of taxing all income of one million dollars and over at a 50% Flat Surtax… with Zero deductions. Your first million is taxed at the current rate, and thereafter the Surtax would kick in. THAT would fill our treasury with enough moola to fix our infrastructure, give viable Medicare for All (without needing the private insurers), begin subsidizing public banking, especially nonprofit mortgage banking at rates which only include overhead… to name but a few ideas. Door #2 is because of the disgraceful bowing by both parties at the altar of the War Economy. This obscene spending signed off by both the Republicans and Democrats that equals HALF of our federal tax revenue is slowly bankrupting this empire. With even a modest 25% cut in military spending and the closing of most of our 1000+ overseas military bases, added to the aforementioned savings from a real Surtax of the super-rich, there would be enough funding for what I already mentioned, plus so much more.

Sorry, this circus only wishes to show us the Forever Food Fight between the two parties, hosted by the clown of clowns.


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