American “freedom fighters” are killing themselves and their fellow Americans; what to do?

If these freedom fighters want to obtain food or clothing or some service from businesses in the future, they will have to pay a price before they will be allowed to enter stores. That price will be the wearing of masks.


You’ve seen them on TV, extremely angry, very vocal Americans who are obsessed with protecting their freedoms. When they are asked why they refuse to wear masks and practice social distancing, and why they take part in large crowds drinking and having a great time, they shout out that nobody is going to tell them what to do, nobody is going to take away their freedoms. 

By refusing to wear masks and practice social distancing these “freedom fighters” are, risking their own lives as well as those of other Americans. When they are made aware of that fact it appears that they just don’t give a damn. Their freedoms are #1, above all else.

We have to find a way to bring these people to their senses so their behavior doesn’t continue to make this dire situation we are in even worse. Here are some thoughts on how to do it. 

Let’s begin with grocery stores. A great many of them have posted signs that inform shoppers that they must wear masks before entering. Many grocery chains such as Meijer’s, Mariano’s, Jewel Osco, Kroger, and others have said that masks are mandatory. The six stores in my area all require them. As this pandemic continues and, most likely will get a lot worse, then we will see most every grocery chain do the same.

When these freedom fighters attempt to enter these stores without masks they will be turned away. If they try to force their way into stores they will risk being arrested by the police. 

When most groceries are doing this it will help a great deal but it’s not nearly enough. Some good things are already happening. Huge chain stores like Walmart, Target, Kohl’s, JC Penny, and others are now requiring that people wear masks. The same is true for hardware chains such as Lowe’s and Home Depot. Auto dealerships should follow suit. 

There is another major problem that needs to be addressed. In Florida and some other states, there are “pandemic parties” being held. They are one of the main causes of the huge upsurge in virus cases. What these people are doing in the middle of this crisis is both reckless and unconscionable.

They must be stopped and that’s the job of the police. We saw the power of the police when they were confronting and controlling protesters in various cities. We need to see that same kind of power, but not vicious, used in Florida, California, and other states where these parties are taking place. Should any of these fun-lovers get tossed into jail then maybe they will finally come to their senses.

Now, as we try to come up with ideas on how to cope with this crisis what about Mr. Trump? What ideas does he have, what solutions does he have to the problems that face America? Ideas, from Trump, are you kidding? His next idea will probably be his first. He’s not in the middle of the action, he’s sitting on the sidelines just watching and thinking about other things that he wants to do, such as finding ways to take Joe Biden down.

America desperately needs the best leadership at this time, but it’s just not there. Trump is incapable and he knows it. It’s so bad that. not only can’t he lead, but he can’t even follow; that is, he can’t follow the advice and direction of Dr. Fauci and the CDC. The fact of the matter is that he is stymying their efforts to the point that the governors of various states can’t even figure out who is in charge. 

Breaking News! I was just watching the ABC news program with host David Muir and he reported that, at the start of Trump’s virus progress report, the president stated that Americans should wear masks and practice social distancing. Well, I was stunned and almost fell off my chair. Absolutely unbelievable. But, that raises this question: why in the world didn’t he do this months ago, why did he wait so very long? Think about how many Americans would still be alive today if he had done this in, let’s say, early February. 

Now, back to the freedom fighters. They can continue to possess their freedom, no one is going to take them away. But when their governors or mayors mandate that they must wear masks, and not congregate in large groups, then they must adhere to these orders or face a stiff fine, or maybe even worse. 

If these freedom fighters want to obtain food or clothing or some service from businesses in the future, they will have to pay a price before they will be allowed to enter stores. That price will be the wearing of masks. So, here’s some advice for them. Pay the price or just stay out, go away.


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