On MAGA’s deceptive fixation: founders ‘ordained this Christian nation’

But when did factual truth matter/ To yahoos seizing forms to shatter?


How many historians won’t guffaw
At folly from Lauren Boebert’s maw?
Beyond our being a “Christian nation,”
“Church” should dictate state operation?

Now faking a Constitutional source,
White MAGA Christians show no remorse. 
“No line separates state from churches” – 
Into a deep rathole Boebert lurches.

Made-up “separations” she deems “junk,”
Tho settled by the First Amend. as bunk. 
Poor baby’s “tired” of “woke” revulsion
Against this lawless, made-up notion.

Behind this laughable sophism
Sits hard white Christian nationalism;
Because “’merica is Christian born,”
Now “real” Yanks can outsiders scorn.

Look, no ambiguity exists,
Yet willful blindness still persists;
Foul propaganda, beneath contempt,
Founders pushed the opposite intent. 

Alarmed at sectarian divisions,
They split off faith-driven schisms.
Yet with unmitigated chutzpah – 
The right fouls history and the law.

By forcing faith alone on the state,
Provocateurs only agitate;
What scholar does so genuflect
Assigning start-up to one biased sect?

But when did factual truth matter
To yahoos seizing forms to shatter?
Inspect history – and all the facts, 
Then admit error – and shut your traps!


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