Rising democratic discontent: Over 48,000 Washingtonians vote ‘Uncommitted’

In a stunning display of dissent, Washington's Democrats signal deep dissatisfaction with Biden's stance on Gaza, echoing a national trend of uncommitted voters.

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A groundswell of dissent has emerged in Washington state’s Democratic presidential primary, with over 48,000 voters marking “uncommitted delegates” on their ballots. This act of protest, far exceeding organizers’ expectations, serves as a stark indicator of President Joe Biden’s eroding support within his own base, particularly over his unwavering stance on Israel’s conflict in Gaza.

The unprecedented Washington phenomenon

  • 48,000+ “uncommitted” votes cast in Washington’s Democratic primary.
  • Organizers initially aimed for 12,000 votes, doubling the 2020 uncommitted count.
  • Washington’s universal mail-in voting system delays final vote tally.

“The surge in ‘uncommitted’ votes is a clear repudiation of Biden’s policies towards Gaza and Palestine,” stated Rami Al-Kabra, a lead organizer for Uncommitted WA.

Behind the Uncommitted Campaign

  • Grassroots campaign lasted two weeks with a $20,000 budget.
  • Late ballots in Washington, often progressive, expected to increase “uncommitted” votes.

Biden, despite the rising dissent, clinched the Democratic nomination, setting up a rematch with former President Donald Trump. Trump also secured the GOP nomination, reigniting the 2020 electoral battle.

The national echo of uncommitted votes

  • Uncommitted movement spread from Michigan to Hawaii, with significant votes across multiple states.
  • Michigan saw over 100,000 uncommitted votes, a significant statement against Biden’s Gaza policy.

“Washington proved being uncommitted to Biden, as long as the violence in Gaza continues, resonates with Democrats nationwide,” remarked Faheem Khan, Uncommitted WA’s lead organizer.

Voices of the movement

  • Organizers emphasize that the uncommitted vote sends a strong message against Biden’s Gaza policy.
  • Demand for a permanent ceasefire and an end to unconditional U.S. military support for Israel.

“Tonight’s numbers show that President Biden’s current policies towards Gaza and Palestine are not in line with his voting base,” Al-Kabra reflected on the primary results.

Voter sentiment and the demand for change

  • Data for Progress polling: 77% of Democratic voters want a permanent ceasefire in Gaza.
  • Widespread Democratic dissatisfaction with unconditional U.S. support for Israel’s military actions.

“Voters have strongly rejected Biden’s funding of Israel’s war in Gaza at the polls,” Khan asserted.


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