Saturday, May 21, 2022

Kiratiana Freelon

Kiratiana Freelon is an independent journalist based in Rio de Janeiro, Brazil. Her work about Brazil has been published in The Washington Post, New York Magazine, The Root, The Christian Science Monitor and others. She also runs the Coisa de Preto newsletter about Afro-Brazilian news, culture and history. Kiratiana speaks English and Portuguese and is a member of NABJ, IRE, and SPJ.


The Buffalo massacre and the mainstreaming of the Great Replacement Theory

Like an untreated wound, the Great Replacement Theory is being allowed to fester and is poisoning minds.

Analysis: 26 US billionaires paid average tax rate of just 4.8% in recent years

"When you include their untaxed wealth growth in the calculation, many billionaires pay almost nothing," said Frank Clemente of Americans for Tax Fairness.

Movements are vying for political power — is ‘co-governance’ the answer?

As the left increasingly focuses on electoral politics, a new framework is emerging for how candidates who win should partner with social movements.

Exxon doubles down on ‘advanced recycling’ claims that yield few results

The petroleum company is under investigation for misleading the public while exacerbating the global plastic pollution crisis.

Does Flint, Michigan, have clean water yet? The answer is complicated.

Even if the city has clean water, many people still struggle to accept that they’re being told the truth this time.