Sunday, March 26, 2023

Kiratiana Freelon

Kiratiana Freelon is an independent journalist based in Rio de Janeiro, Brazil. Her work about Brazil has been published in The Washington Post, New York Magazine, The Root, The Christian Science Monitor and others. She also runs the Coisa de Preto newsletter about Afro-Brazilian news, culture and history. Kiratiana speaks English and Portuguese and is a member of NABJ, IRE, and SPJ.


Is Trump so desperate he’d risk getting shot to regain the White House? Without...

How can Trump end up looking like the dumbest, lyingest punk operative who ever escaped from the sneaky Naked City?

Fifth annual assessment of air pollution ranks cities, nations and regions around the world

The study confirmed that only six countries met the World Health Organization’s (WHO) updated safe levels of the deadly air pollutant, particulate matter (PM) 2.5.

Cancer patients challenge Biden admin’s refusal to lower price of lifesaving drug

“This is a drug that was invented with taxpayer dollars by scientists at UCLA and can be purchased in Canada for one-fifth the U.S. price."

Map shows chemical-related incidents happen every two days in US

In the wake of the train derailment in Ohio, a new analysis shows chemical accidents are more common in the United States...