Wednesday, October 21, 2020

Wash. Post didn’t disclose that writer who penned positive piece about Trump’s Saudi trip...

Why does the Post embarrass itself by publishing lobbyist Ed Rogers?

What a wonderful world

A system produces leaders who reflect the dominant values of its components.

Watch Shepard Smith shut down former Trump adviser who uses Manchester attack to blame...

Smith: “Mr. Woolsey, with great respect, it's very early to make this a political matter.”

Protesters take net neutrality issue to FCC chair’s home

Pai needs to be personally protested because he comes to the FCC with a personal agenda.

Donald Trump’s Ajit (Pai)-prop

President Trump knows how to use the mass media, and social media, to manipulate public opinion and sway voters.

Trump’s FCC has paved the way for a giant, local Fox News

Relaxed media consolidation rules have allowed Sinclair Broadcasting to buy Tribune Media, creating a local news behemoth with a conservative bent.

Netflix and Bill Nye are saving science – 30 minutes at a time

With Netflix’s ascendancy and the way it’s changing viewing habits, “Bill Nye Saves the World” may be a huge opportunity for science education.

Going to the Daytime Emmys

There was once a literate public. This is gone now, replaced by a vast burlesque.

Forbidden questions?

24 key issues that neither the Washington elite nor the media consider worth their bother.

Massive, relentless attacks on the U.S. media; a precursor to a totalitarian state?

The big question then is; what kind of a president with what kind of characteristics would be needed to take this country in that dangerous direction?