Wednesday, March 29, 2023

23 gone, countless more to save

Are you angry about the extinction of the ivory-billed woodpecker and 22 other species? Good. Use it.

Corporate ‘cage-free’ commitments are only meaningful with accountability

Reducing the suffering of chickens can only happen if companies follow through on their promises.

Four years of Donald Trump could sink the planet

If Trump isn’t going to pare CO2 emissions significantly, then the US alone could cook the planet, even if China and others act more responsibly.

War in the Gulf (no, not that Gulf!)

The U.S. navy’s anti-environmental broadside in the Gulf of Alaska.

Revealed: The climate-conflicted directors leading the world’s top banks

65% of directors from the banks analyzed had connections to polluting industries and obstructive lobby groups.

Trump’s plan to dismantle national monuments comes with steep cultural and ecological costs

The Trump administration will review the status of The Bears Ears National Monument in Utah, one of the country’s most significant cultural sites.

Pipeline exec. refers to activists opposing construction near bald eagle nest as ‘awful soulless...

The backdrop to this tension is Millennium’s impending drilling on a crossing of the Neversink River, less than a mile from a bald eagle’s nest, as part of its Eastern System Upgrade project.

Youth climate activists demanding Green New Deal arrested for sit-in at #OilMoneyMitch McConnell’s office

"All we want is for him to put our lives above the interests of his campaign donors."

Climate Activist Who Chained Herself to Shell Vessel Argues Necessity Defense

Chiara D'Angelo, who spent three days chained to a Shell vessel last year to protest Arctic oil drilling, says her actions were necessary to prevent climate catastrophe

Barcelona Opera House reopens with concert for 2,292 plants

Monday's unique concert was conceived as a prelude to the opera's 2020-2021 season.