Tuesday, May 30, 2023

Plastic pellet spill from burning ship causes ‘worst beach pollution’ in Sri Lanka’s history

“No one is able to say how long we will have the adverse effects of this pollution.”

Trump Economic Adviser “Pushing” for Climate Denier and Fossil Fuel Apologist to Head EPA

If Trump wins in November, will his climate and energy team wipe out any U.S. progress on the ever-worsening global climate crisis?

Climate change likely drove our ancestors to extinction, study finds

“Climate change made Homo vulnerable and hapless in the past, and this may just be happening again.”

Mexico is letting an oil company destroy protected mangroves for an $8 billion oil...

Satellite images posted on Quartz show the cleared land to accommodate the construction.

2019 in review: Endless Trump and the rise of radical environmental action

In terms of raising awareness, despite powerful people from the U.S. president on down denying its reality, more and more people throughout the world are taking action to force their governments to confront it.

Microplastics found in Antarctic sea ice samples for first time, scientists say

The researchers conclude that the findings present a "crucial need for stringent methods" when it comes to both to recovering and measuring microplastic particles from polar regions.

West Virginia candidate ousted from hearing for reading industry donors. But bill she opposed...

“We need to reject this bill. Let's start valuing our people and stop making it quicker and easier for multi-million dollar companies to take advantage of people in our state.”

Samsung to go 100 percent renewable energy by 2020

Samsung's commitment is the first of its kind from an Asian electronic manufacturing company.

A tipping point for the defeat of fossil fuels?

How to stop Big Energy in its tracks (quite literally)...

‘It’s our future’: Meet the youth activists behind Fridays for Future Movements in Uganda...

"It is a very important issue for us because it’s us against our future. We either do something now or we don’t have a future."