Friday, April 10, 2020

Police Officer Arrested for Killing Two People in DUI Crash

Charged in a 27-count indictment, Linden Police Officer Pedro Abad was arrested on Monday after killing two people in a DUI car crash. But this isn't the first time he drove drunk.

Charges Dropped Against 14-Year-Old Student Arrested for Making a Clock

After creating a digital clock for a school project, 14-year-old Ahmed Mohamed was arrested for bringing it to school. Now, after public outrage caused his story to go viral on social media, all charges have been dropped.

The Migrant Crisis: Arms that Welcome, Arms that Kill

More than 12 million people have been displaced from Syria, where a brutal civil war has killed hundreds of thousands of people. How ironic many of the migrants are running to the countries that sold the weapons fueling the warfare in Syria.

NY Assemblyman Sentenced to Prison on Public Corruption Charges

Former New York State Assemblyman William Scarborough was arrested and indicted on 11 federal charges and 23 state charges of fraud and theft. After pleading guilty, he will spend 13 months in prison—just another crooked politician.

Standing While Black in New York Can Get You Attacked by NYPD Thugs

An incredible double standard in NY and American policing, the fact is this dichotomy should properly be called apartheid. It's time we call out official racism in the U.S.

VIDEO: Is Oklahoma Set to Execute an Innocent Man? Inside the Case of Richard...

Oklahoma is scheduled to execute Richard Glossip on Wednesday night. But as time is running out, is the state about to kill an innocent man? Democracy Now discusses the case.

Officer Pleads Guilty to Violating Civil Rights After Leaving Teen in a Coma

Last week, a former Independence police officer pleaded guilty to violating the constitutional rights of a minor in his custody. He faces prison time and a fine for this violation.

What if Kim Davis Refused to License Marriages of Interracial Couples? (Video)

Mike Huckabee, who might just be seeking a way to kickstart his failed presidential bid, was in full support of Kim Davis' stance against gay marriage. But would he still defend her if she had denied licenses to inter-racial couples?

Woman Pleads Guilty to Torturing and Enslaving Disabled People

Linda Weston pled guilty on Wednesday for stealing over $200,000 in Social Security benefits from disabled people. She and her co-conspirators held disabled adults and their children captive for roughly a decade.

VIDEO: New Report Rejects Mexican Government’s Story About the Disappearance of 43 Students from...

After 43 students went missing in Mexico, the students’ families have started a rallying cry as mass protests across Mexico and around the world take place. So what really happened to these students?