Saturday, May 18, 2024

Pledge to fight for mental health rights

Pledge to fight for mental health rights and make it easier for Americans to keep their mental health in check. 

Pledge to fight the pollution of face masks

Pledge to protect those around us and our environment by wearing reusable face masks.

Bring awareness and demand change: Immigrant families being forced to separate

Let's raise awareness, and demand change, of the tactics the Trump administration is utilizing when dealing with immigrant families.

Pledge to boycott Koch products

Sign this pledge to commit to boycotting Koch products.

Pledge to ditch the plastic straw

Join us in saying no to the single-use plastic straw and encourage those around you to do the same! 

Pledge to help foster a new generation of political candidates, activists and leaders

Take the pledge and show your support for the need for change in our politicians. 

Support the #MeToo movement and stand up to sexual harassment

We cannot allow victims to believe they are alone. We must stand up to sexual harassment.

Pledge to spread the word on canned hunting!

Stand up and fight for those who do not have the ability to fight for themselves.

Pledge to reduce your plastic usage

Sign the pledge to reduce your plastic usage.

Pledge to fight against ocean drilling

You can do your part to fight against this expansion of offshore drilling.