Thursday, May 23, 2019

Stop Shopping, Start Living

REI is doing its part to preserve the spirit of Thanksgiving. Let's follow their lead - stop shopping and start living.

Video: Naomi Klein Extended Interview on Role of Obama, Trudeau & Austerity at U.N....

Best-selling author Naomi Klein examines how the 2008 economic crisis and bank bailouts continue to shape political momentum to tackle climate change; Obama’s attempt to be a climate leader at the COP 21 meeting in Paris; and the potential for new Canada’s new Prime Minister Justin Trudeau.

On Memorial Day, U.S. Troops Are at War With Islamic State Near Mosul

The line of the Obama administration had been that US troops on the ground in Iraq and Syria were only trainers and advisors. But US forces have exceeded that role.

Reign of error

It appears that the political opposition is still more interested in donor money than addressing the needs of voters.

Con vs. Con

The remainder of the presidential campaign will be characterized by an attempt among liberals to discredit third-party and popular movements. Yet our only hope for change will come by breaking free from the tyranny of the two corporate parties.

Will Trump ‘Pull a Palin,’ Jump Overboard to Avoid Epic Shipwreck?

“Trump will never lack for defensive justifications, whatever he does and whatever happens to him.”

Why Trump’s Racism and Misogyny Represent the Global 1%

Trump isn't the only one. Global financial power is intrinsically misogynistic and racist.

Trump national park overseer, climate change “debater,” passes Senate with help of seventeen dems

Though Zinke says he opposes privatization, he also vociferously supports the Trump administration’s energy agenda.

“Our water, our right”: 10 global struggles for public water

We bring you 10 inspiring stories of communities and cities working to reclaim public control over water and wastewater services from major private water multinationals.

America Revisits the Dark Side

Candidates compete to promise the most torture and slaughter. Are war crimes are back on the American agenda?