Sunday, December 8, 2019

Who the Election Should be For: The 7 Most Beaten-Down Americans

The election should be about the economy - but the economy of average Americans, not of establishment wealth. The election should be about these beaten-down groups of Americans.

America’s New Year’s resolution: Remove Trump

Republican members of Congress must join with Democrats to get this task done as quickly as possible.

Tip was right

Will voters awaken in California’s 49th? Will there be a wave of Democrats to replace the corrosively corrupt Republicans in a Congress stuck on stupid?

Trump’s economic war on Iran: 88% reduction in oil exports, 6% shrinkage of economy

In 2019, Iran’s economy under US sanctions will shrink an incredible 6%.

Louisiana Will Tax Its Poor To Fill Budget Hole Caused By Tax Cuts For...

Sales tax hikes and a handful of minor tax increases for businesses will close roughly three quarters of the $3 billion budget hole ex-Gov. Bobby Jindal (R) left behind.

EPA claims glyphosate doesn’t cause cancer

The announcement made by EPA Administrator Andrew Wheeler on Tuesday comes at the same time there are currently 13,400 lawsuits against the controversial weedkiller.

Hurricane Harvey isn’t a “natural” disaster. Politics created the chaos

Don’t blame climate change for Houston’s vulnerability. A hurricane need not become a disaster.

History shows that stacking federal science advisory committees doesn’t work

Facing these threats, scientists should not disengage from providing the nation with objective analysis and recommendations.

Most Voters Favor Cutting Defense Spending. Politicians Say Otherwise

In a comprehensive new survey, most voters favored a decrease of at least $12 billion in the Pentagon’s spending and called for killing some costly military programs.

Judge Blocks Trump’s immigration ban request

The Trump administration is trying hard to get this ban to go through.