Thursday, July 18, 2019

In Haiti, Washington meddling missed by press

Haitian and foreign readers and viewers would be so much better served if corporate media could follow the advice of its own codes of ethics.

Troika fever

So settle into your seats folks and prepare to watch the empire swallow the republic whole.


The most egregious example of "Americide" is our country's treatment of African-Americans. It's exhibited in the many profitable corporations—manufacturers, banks, insurance, railroad—that had their roots in slavery.

North Korea Confirms its First Hydrogen Nuclear Bomb Test

North Korean government has stated that the 5.1 magnitude quake event was a successful hydrogen nuclear bomb test.

The Illusion of Freedom

This deception will exist as long as we “stay in our place.” Once we call out power for what it is, once we resist, the chimera will vanish. The iron fist of history’s most sophisticated security and surveillance apparatus will assert itself with a terrifying fury.

Watch What Happens When Trump Calls Sanders a Communist

Donald Trump calls Bernie Sanders a communist while campaigning in Iowa City.

Scott Walker’s Political Magic

Corporate cash — flowing from Home Depot to Donald Trump — funded the governor's campaign to victory, despite public opinion.

‘I don’t believe it’s too extreme:’ Republicans hope to pass near-total abortion ban in...

Lawmakers have clearly stated that their goal is to get the topic in front of the Supreme Court, currently boasting a conservative majority, to legally overturn Roe V. Wade and outlaw abortion altogether.

If war breaks out with Iran, it won’t be an accident

A range of U.S. policies have been deliberately designed to provoke an Iranian response.

Snake Oil Won’t Cure Inequality

The GOP's 2016 contenders talk a good game about the wealth gap while making it even bigger. Don't they know this is the biggest issue affecting Americans?