Friday, October 18, 2019

The legacy of America’s first Wrestlemania president

Professional sports and professional wrestling tap into a primal level of tribalism that Trump has funneled into a form of nationalism.


American symbols? Sacred! American values? Eh.

Bernie 2020 campaign has corporate Democrats running scared

We’re supposed to believe that candidates who’ve adjusted their sails to the latest political wind are just as good as the candidate who generated the wind in the first place.

Trump threatens to veto first-ever congressional action on “forever chemicals”

A handful of multibillion-dollar chemical companies have waged war on our bodies and our environment for nearly 70 years without our knowledge...

How the Pentagon devours the budget

While the Trump administration is preparing to launch full-scale assaults on food stamps, Medicaid, and Medicare, it’s war on everything except the U.S. military.

Bernie Sanders Invited to Speak at the Vatican

Sanders is expected to be the only American public official speaking at the conference.

To create system that puts ‘patients ahead of profits,’ Sanders unveils Medicare for All...

"All Americans are entitled to go to the doctor when they're sick and not go bankrupt after staying in the hospital."

Senators demand investigation into Trump adviser for possible insider trading

“Icahn made a big bet that the price of renewable fuel credits would drop. Then he advised on policies that made them drop.”

Ken Bone Works for Coal Company Opposed to Climate Regulations

“I got no funding of any kind. I work in coal and I care deeply about the environment.”

‘A very dark day for democracy’: Scott Walker signs Wisconsin GOP’s ‘legislative coup’ into...

"This is the kind of thing autocrats do," declared journalist Ari Berman.