Sunday, May 31, 2020

Staffing Up for Corruption

There was a new category of staffing added to Big Money in politics. Campaigns are now hiring “donor maintenance managers” as personal concierges to millionaire supporters—another example of plutocratic corruption of our democratic elections.

Women continue to contribute in record numbers heading into 2020

However, it appears that many networks of prominent donors, including powerful women, are staying out of the presidential fundraising race for now.

‘This is a colossal mistake:’ Experts sound alarms after Trump confirms plans to ditch...

"This administration has damaged, perhaps irreparably, an int'l order that has served U.S. interests for decades, turned a blind eye to catastrophic climate change, corroded our govt, [and] poisoned our national discourse."

New York cancels Democratic presidential primary and takes Sanders off the ballot

Bernie Sanders’ campaign advisor, Jeff Weaver calls this decision a “blow to American democracy.”

With US support, Venezuelan opposition launch a coup in latest attempt to oust Maduro

"There are many in Venezuela who would hope for change in their country, but they don’t want a U.S.-backed regime in place."

Trayvon Martin Was Killed 4 Years Ago. Here’s What Our Next President Said About...

"It's terrible, what happened. Seventeen years old, and now there are all sorts of stories that don't sound right."

Winning and lying

Winning in this society has become a meta-political illusion, a dream world, that rationalizes political and lawyerly anti-social behavior as “greatness”.

Empire of Chaos

With President Trump, Is the American Experiment Over?

“A government for the many, not the few”

Jeremy Corbyn and the resurgence of the British left.

How Bernie Could Lose the Nomination But Win the Convention

Sanders is likely to reach the convention with more than 25 percent of the total delegates. That is enough, under convention rules, to force a “minority report” out of the platform committee.