Thursday, June 4, 2020

Bernie Sanders Wins Wyoming

Bernie Sanders has won 8 of the last 9 contests!

Bernie Sanders Vows to Overturn Mississippi and North Carolina’s Anti-LGBT Laws

Bernie Sanders vows to overturn Mississippi and North Carolina’s recent anti-LGBT laws if he is elected president.

U.S. Foreign Policy: Intimidation, Domination; Counterproductive

“If we had a political revolution take place in this country such as Bernie Sanders wants to initiate, it should include the removal of those neocons and war hawks from power and transform U.S. foreign policy into one that is positive and constructive.”

Wall Street Should Pay a Sales Tax, Too

When a high-rolling trader buys millions of dollars’ worth of stocks or derivatives, there’s no levy at all.

Paul Ryan is Not the One to Save the GOP From Donald Trump

“Fortunately, polls show Ryan losing to just about everyone in the general election. So if the GOP manages to stop Trump and install Ryan as the appointed nominee, the country could still dodge that bullet.”

Bernie Sanders Invited to Speak at the Vatican

Sanders is expected to be the only American public official speaking at the conference.

Panama Papers Revelation of Assad Family’s Stolen Wealth Helps Explain the Syrian Revolution

Juan Cole discusses the history of Assad Family and their obsession with wealth and power.

Clinton’s Troublesome Record On Climate

Overall, Clinton's leadership has involved strong ties to corporations deeply vested in climate inaction, and the apparent execution of their climate agenda.

France to Ban Glyphosate Weedkillers

Monsanto maintains that their product is safe, and that the recent arguments over glyphosate or purely “political.”

Top Hillary Clinton Campaign Fundraiser Lobbies for Offshore Drilling in Israel

Clinton says she supports a Department of Justice investigation of ExxonMobil and yet she takes money from an Exxon lobbyist.