Saturday, April 4, 2020

End whaling in Japan

Japan is planning to resume their whaling practices, something the International Court of Justice ruled as illegal last year. Sign the petition to urge President Obama to stop them.

Sanders Report Finds Skyrocketing Drug Prices Cost Taxpayers $1.4 Billion

“It is unacceptable that Americans pay, by far, the highest prices in the world for prescription drugs,” asserted Sanders.

Yemen’s Forgotten War: The Complicated Conflict That Almost No One is Talking About

To paraphrase one Middle Eastern prophet, the leadership and media of western countries need to remove the log from their own eye before they will ever be able to help the greater Middle East remove the splinter from its own.

Amidst Burgeoning Wealth, Market Driven Homelessness in London

Whether someone is destitute because they are an asylum seeker waiting for Home Office support, a divorced man who cannot cover his rent, someone with alcohol or drug concerns, or a young woman out of work, without savings, homelessness is not a crime

BREAKING: DNC Deals Devastating Blow to Bernie Sanders’ Campaign

The DNC has suspended Bernie Sanders' campaign from accessing the master list of voter information. Without access, Sanders' campaign could potentially be crippled beyond repair.

Partnering with the Devil

Blatant lies, PR cover-ups, and a culture of total impunity are now central to the corporate business model.

Why Big Brother Lies (And How He Gets Away with It)

Peter Van Buren did something no US diplomat is allowed to do. He told the truth and told it to the wrong people – us. Our government is not in the habit of telling us – the governed – what it's up to.

Recent Poll Shows Bernie Sanders Ranks Above all Republican Candidates

Bernie Sanders may still be behind Hillary Clinton, but he far outranks even the most popular Republican candidates.

CEO Who Raised the Price of Life-Saving Drug 4000 Percent Arrested for Fraud

Martin Shkreli, "the most hated man in America", has been arrested on charges of security fraud, unrelated to his price gouging.

Tightening Race Between Sanders and Clinton in Iowa and New Hampshire

Although still behind, Bernie Sanders is showing strong numbers in Iowa. Analysts say it may come down to the turnout come voting day.