Thursday, May 28, 2020

Bernie Sanders Attacks Wall Street and The Fed

“Wall Street is still out of control,” Sanders warned.

FOIA Request Shows Govt Lied About Lead in Water, Knowingly Poisoning Countless Children

Instead of keeping children safe, Michigan officials repeatedly lied about the safety of their drinking water even though they knew it was poisoned.

Kentucky Governor Lowers Minimum Wage, Strips Voting Rights

Newly elected Kentucky Governor Matt Bevin has issued five executive orders, the majority of which reverse progressive changes made by former Governor Beshear

Dedicated Trump Supporter Arrested For Building Bombs to Kill Muslims

William Celli has been arrested after police found and deactivated a homemade bomb in his home.

Of Rotten Apples and Rotten Systems

Shkreli may be a rotten apple, but hedge funds and the pharmaceutical industry are two rotten systems that are costing Americans a bundle.

The Trans-Pacific Trade Scam

Despite what President Obama says, the TPP does indeed create a corporate end run around our laws.

Trump: The Party Divider, Unifying Everyone Else

Trump like none before unites by being ferociously, obnoxiously divisive. Intended or not, this narcissistic bully is doing his damnedest to overcome entrenched, party divisions we thought fixed in stone.

Nine Numbers That Cry Out: “Bring On Socialism!”

Socialism -- or at least social consciousness -- allows us to understand that the most tangible form of 'terror' is in the lives and minds of destitute and homeless Americans.

Bernie Sanders on Trump: He’s a ‘Pathological Liar’

Ignoring Hillary for now, Bernie Sanders focuses his criticism on the lead GOP candidate, Donald Trump.

The Creeping Villainy of American Politics

The threefold rise in hate crimes against Muslims since the Paris and San Bernardino attacks and the acceptance of hate speech in political discourse are signs of our society’s morbidity.