Tuesday, August 11, 2020

The Republican Debate of Texas

It's now quite conceivable that come January 2017, we will see Donald Trump inaugurated as president.

With His Opponent Stumbling Following His Big Michigan Win, Bernie Should Attack Hillary’s Integrity

With Clinton stumbling and after his big surprise win in Michigan, Sanders needs to now start playing hardball in his campaign, going after Clinton at her weakest point: her lack of trustworthiness and integrity, which voters are saying is their biggest concern.

I’m 24 Years Old and I’m Running for Congress

"I have faith in humanity. I trust in the power of community. And I maintain hope in the promise of our generation and nation."

Is U.S. climate policy killing capitalism?

It’s the Koch Brothers and the rest of Big Oil, and Big Gas, and Big Coal.

Study links most Amazon deforestation to 128 slaughterhouses

The study adds weight to the idea that the most effective deforestation enforcement strategy is not to regulate the Amazon’s 400,000 ranchers and farmers, but for government to enter into effective deforestation enforcement partnerships with the slaughterhouses.

The dangers of diplomacy, Trump-style

There is a total absence of rational planning and knowledgeable staff.

Trump orders construction of U.S.-Mexico border wall, admits taxpayers will foot the bill

Trump says negotiations with Mexico will begin “relatively soon.”

‘If you don’t want negative search results, don’t do negative things,’ Ted Lieu tells...

"To some of my colleagues across the aisle, if you're getting bad press articles and bad search results, don't blame Google or Facebook or Twitter, consider blaming yourself."

VIDEO: Chicago Hunger Strikers Enter Day 19 Challenging Rahm Emanuel’s Push to Privatize Public...

A group of protesters have entered the nineteenth day of a hunger strike to save Dyett High School, the only remaining open-enrollment public high school left in Chicago. Is this Rahm Emanuel push to privatize education?

The Great Unraveling

Such labels as “liberal” and “conservative” are meaningless in the neoliberal order. Political elites, Democrat or Republican, serve the demands of corporations and empire in our system of “inverted totalitarianism.”