Fight against the Trump administration's proposed expansion of offshore drilling.

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Donald Trump and his administration are hell bent on opening our oceans to the oil and gas industry. The Department of Interior has proposed opening 90% of US coasts to offshore drilling. This would be an unprecedented expansion of offshore drilling.

Trump has shown that he has no problem with putting his personal and business relationships above the needs of the environment and the desires of the American people. Just recently he admitted that he “didn’t really care” about Arctic drilling until his friend from the oil and gas industry called him up and told him that the industry had been fighting for it for 40 years. Then Trump ‘made sure’ that he included a “backdoor drilling provision” into the GOP tax bill.

Meanwhile, Congress continues to dismantle safety regulations that were put into place after BP’s oil spill. They have even failed to renew an oil tax that helps fund cleanup efforts for oil spills.

Despite the fact that an overwhelming majority of Americans do not support offshore drilling, the Trump administration continues to push through with their plans. Opening so much of our waters to offshore drilling will have catastrophic consequences, with inevitable spills. Offshore drilling consistently results in frequent spills, which devastates marine environments, fishing industries, and tourism, not to mention contributes to pollution.

You can do your part to fight against this expansion of offshore drilling:

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1. Sign this pledge and SHARE it with your friends and family.

2. Submit your comment to the Bureau of Ocean and Energy Management (BOEM), which is now accepting comments on the proposed plans for offshore drilling.

3. Share our informative articles about the dangers of offshore drilling and fossil fuel pollution.

4. Find a march, protest, sit in, or other movement near you that will help raise awareness on offshore drilling and help educate others.

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