Thursday, June 13, 2024

Tag: antisemitism

He fought the law: Will the law win?

Now that the International Criminal Court has requested a warrant for Netanyahu’s arrest on war crimes, he may become a global outlaw as well.

Bernie Sanders speaks out: Criticizing Israeli policy is not antisemitism

Amid national debate over Gaza protests, Senator Bernie Sanders challenges the narrative equating criticism of Israel with antisemitism, drawing on his personal history and widespread American discontent.

Apologists for Israel’s mass murder in Gaza fall back on ‘antisemitism’...

The gist of the trick is to equate Israel with the Jewish religion—and then to equate opposition to Israel with antisemitism.

Elon Musk’s “X” accuses Media Matters of defamation amidst growing concerns...

This legal action accuses the nonprofit media company of purposefully and maliciously defaming him and X.

Texas GOP’s disturbing ties to antisemitism: A symptom of a deeper...

Is the development in the Texas GOP a stark warning that the battle against hate is far from over?

Jury sentences Pittsburgh synagogue gunman to death penalty

Judge Robert Colville will formally rule in court today.

The art of selling and repudiating hate in America

Conscientious objection to racism, antisemitism, misogyny, Islamophobia, trans and homo-phobia takes far more than sanctimonious condemnations for political point scoring.


Supreme Court justices accepted over $6.5 million in gifts, raising ethics concerns

These findings raise significant questions about judicial ethics and the potential influence of such gifts on the highest court in the land.

Sanders and Omar lead congressional push for Global Wealth Tax as Biden faces crucial...

This initiative, led by Brazil, aims to address the glaring disparities in global wealth distribution and strengthen efforts to achieve tax fairness.

120 countries have signed the Safe Schools Declaration. Sadly, the US isn’t one of...

Should the United States join the Safe Schools Declaration and support the global movement to protect education from attack?

UN passes binding ceasefire resolution as Israel intensifies Gaza bombings

Despite the UN Security Council's call for a ceasefire, Israel continues its deadly assault on Gaza, raising questions about the implementation and enforcement of international resolutions.

When Israel burned refugees alive, establishment media called it a ‘tragic accident’

As the world watched on social media and responded in outrage, US corporate media, once again, provided cover for the perpetrators of Israel’s genocide.