Saturday, July 13, 2024

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WHO classifies talc as ‘probably carcinogenic’ for humans

Most human are exposed to talc, which is a naturally occurring mineral mined in many parts of the world, in baby powder, skincare and cosmetics.

1,3-dichloropropene: The dangerous, sweet-smelling pesticide you’ve never heard of

Regulatory loopholes allow more than 30 million pounds of a cancer-causing pesticide to be sprayed on U.S. crops.

Washington court reverses verdict against Bayer in PCBs case

A $185 million verdict against Pharmacia—a Monsanto spinoff—which sold now-banned chemicals called polychlorinated biphenyls (PCBs), was found liable in 2021 for chemical contamination.

Exposed to agent orange at US bases, veterans face cancer without...

The half dozen veterans who spoke with KFF Health News said they want the military to take responsibility.

PFAS ‘forever chemicals’ exposure linked to increased risk of ovarian and...

“These chemicals can increase the risk of various different health outcomes and they can alter your biological pathways… That is important to know so that we can better prevent exposures and mitigate risks.”

Kids who live near fracking sites are up to 7 times...

"Data suggests that those who lived closer, especially in areas with greater intensity of unconventional natural gas development activities, had the highest risk."

EPA approved a fuel ingredient even though it could cause cancer...

It is a million times higher than what the agency usually considers acceptable for new chemicals and six times worse than the risk of lung cancer from a lifetime of smoking.

Aspartame carries potential risk of cancer in humans, new study

Starting this month, IARC will list the artificial sweetener as "possibly carcinogenic to humans" for the first time.

The EPA faces questions about its approval of a plastic-based fuel...

That risk is 250,000 times greater than the level usually considered acceptable by the EPA division that approves new chemicals, and it’s higher than the lifetime risk of cancer for current smokers.

Cancer patients challenge Biden admin’s refusal to lower price of lifesaving...

“This is a drug that was invented with taxpayer dollars by scientists at UCLA and can be purchased in Canada for one-fifth the U.S. price."


IRS reclaims over $1 billion from wealthy tax evaders in under a year

New IRS funding from the Inflation Reduction Act targets wealthy tax dodgers, reclaiming over $1 billion in unpaid taxes.

Only a despot-friendly Supreme Court, instead of reigning in WH crimes, opens the gates

The right’s ferocious war on the Constitution has now super-powered the executive, leaving Congress, the judiciary, regulators, and ordinary, law-abiding citizens in the lurch.

Two-thirds of Americans, including majority of Biden supporters, urge President to withdraw from 2024...

New poll reveals widespread belief that Biden should step aside, as Democrats consider alternatives.

Tariffs don’t protect jobs. Don’t be fooled.

When employees have become their own employers, they will make the quantities and qualities of a society’s jobs a key policy objective rather than a side-effect of policies focused elsewhere.

Inside China-focused Congressional hearings, panic, paranoia, and hypocrisy reign

China is not a threat because it’s threatening our security—China is a threat because it’s successful.