Thursday, September 28, 2023

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A Colorado ballot measure could make it nearly impossible to ban...

Green groups hope to someday amend the Colorado constitution so communities can ban fracking. An industry-sponsored amendment on the state's Nov. 8 ballot could block that.

Marijuana’s $2.4 Billion Impact in Colorado Is a lesson for 5...

Colorado’s experience suggests starting a legal cannabis industry is one of the most efficient ways to generate new economic activity.

Boulder Commits to 100% Clean Energy

Colorado has long been a leader on the advancement of clean, renewable energy like wind and solar.

Colorado Supreme Court Upholds State Power, Says Cities Can’t Impose Fracking...

The governor’s task force has failed to provide Coloradans with a way to protect their homes, families and futures from this dangerous, industrial activity.

Black People Twice As Likely to be Arrested For Pot In...

“The forces that contribute to racial disparities under prohibition are clearly still in place after legalization.”

Curbing the Soda Industry’s Influence, One County at a Time

Colorado's Boulder County Board of Health will not take donations of any kind from the beverage industry.

Rolling Up Some Common Sense with Willie Nelson

With legalization in some states, the prohibition on marijuana has ended and Willie Nelson is leading the way for weed quality and social responsibility with his own brand.


Global leaders plead for peace in Ukraine at UN

Altogether, leaders from at least 50 countries spoke up for peace in Ukraine at the 2023 UN General Assembly.

Supreme Court could trigger hundreds of billions in corporate tax cuts ‘with the stroke...

"The Roberts Court could decide with the stroke of a pen to simultaneously forgive big business decades of tax dues."

Elected Democrats are conformist enablers of Biden for 2024

Alarm bells among pro-Biden pundits have finally begun to break the political sound barrier. So why is it quiet on Capitol Hill on the Democratic front?

Climate campaigners decry ‘absolutely horrendous’ brutality against protesters at fed summit

"We have no choice but to take direct action to put our bodies on the line because petitions, sign-waving, and chanting—we tried that for the past 50 years and it hasn't worked, and we're out of time," said one arrested activist.

Missouri set to execute Marcellus Williams despite DNA evidence proving innocence—again

Unless we reform this corrupt system, racist politicians will be rewarded with higher political offices–for–”frying a black man.”