Monday, December 9, 2019

Tag: Election 2016

For America’s sake, we need answers about Russia. Now.

Donald Trump's embrace of Russia and Vladimir Putin and that country's interference with our election could drag democracy to an early grave.

New from Trump University

Election rigging 101

Investigate the hackers – and ignore Trump’s chaff

Whatever his motives, it is hard to imagine a worse impediment to the nation's security than a commander in chief who ignores and politicizes intelligence.

The crusade against political correctness gave Trump the cover he needed

Campus witch hunts have nurtured the very threat to our free speech they allegedly sought to root out.

The 15 warnings signs of impending tyranny

Consider yourself warned.

Mormon Tabernacle Choir member quits rather than perform at Trump’s inauguration

“I could never ‘throw roses to Hitler.’ And I certainly could never sing for him.”

Bernie Sanders: The Democracy Now! interview

“It’s not about you. It’s about the future of this planet. It’s about your kids and your grandchildren. It is about American democracy. It is about some very fundamental issues. And nobody in this room or in this country has a right to say I give up.“

In the time of Trump, all we have is each other

We will endure by holding fast to our integrity, by building community and by spawning new institutions in the midst of the wreckage. We will sustain each other.

Preparing for President Trump

A 10-point plan for activists, politicians, the press and everyday citizens.


What’s wrong with the republicans?

Fruits of the twin roots of evil: Slavery and imperial expansion.

The bee is officially on the verge of extinction

With our own health and well-being directly linked to these insects, we have to make it a priority to ensure the bee population's survival.

Sweden provides free higher education, universal healthcare, free daycare — why can’t the U.S.?

In Sweden, healthcare costs are largely subsided by the state. Daycare and preschool programs are mostly free. College and university are free. Public transportation is subsidized for many users.

Demand A/C in all postal trucks

Sign now and demand all mail carriers provide A/C to all delivery vehicles.

Bernie Sanders joins Des Moines climate strike, young people in 20 states begin sit-ins...

"If we have the courage to take on the fossil fuel industry and other special interests, if we have the courage to pass a Green New Deal, we can create up to 20 million good-paying jobs transforming our energy system.”