Monday, June 27, 2022

Tag: Vladimir Putin

Putin puppet urges Russia to ‘take’ back Alaska—fine, trade for DC...

Isn't it reassuring that Russia has its own unhinged, Trumpian-Marjorie Taylor Green-types?

Will Ukraine write the alt-right’s epitaph?

Most of the leaders of the alt-right are scrambling to distance themselves from Vladimir Putin. It might be too late.

Vladimir Putin’s war has dealt a blow to the ‘populist’ right

Russian imperialism must be challenged.

The geopolitics of the Ukraine War

Vladimir Putin and Xi Jinping in the Struggle over Eurasia.

How Putin’s skill-set shows up Trump’s. One’s a calculating, thuggish, earth-jolting...

Their personalities and very different strengths and weaknesses will determine their fate and final standing.

To reduce Putin’s power, ditch oil and gas

In response to Putin's invasion of Ukraine, the U.S. needs to pivot to renewables.

No Pasaran: Ukraine 2022

Vladimir Putin is the Franco of today, and Ukraine must become the graveyard of Putinism.

Mad Vlad? Russia’s senseless, brutal ‘intervention’ in Ukraine

Will a war in Europe make more people wake up to the real costs of militarism, even when they are asked to sacrifice themselves, loved ones or fellow citizens by their own leaders in the name of patriotism?

Putin’s cold, cold strategy

Sure, Putin still has a lot of fight in him. But ultimately: he’s a dead autocrat walking.

“We’ve been attacked!”

Women and trauma in the Trump-Putin era.


US Court of Appeals overturns EPA’s decision that glyphosate is safe for humans and...

Glyphosate, the active ingredient in Monsanto-Bayer’s pesticide, is the most widely used pesticide in the world.

Ugly side of Trump’s 2020 lies and bullying come before committee 

Trump-directed mobs threaten officials who wouldn’t cheat for him.

The current US Supreme Court is not constitutionally legitimate

Dobbs is a watershed attack that will come to be known as an infamous consolidation of an unrelenting extremist assault on this country's gains for equality and justice.

Ten ways billionaires avoid taxes on an epic scale

After a year of reporting on the tax machinations of the ultrawealthy, ProPublica spotlights the top tax-avoidance techniques that provide massive benefits to billionaires.

Does Flint, Michigan, have clean water yet? The answer is complicated.

Even if the city has clean water, many people still struggle to accept that they’re being told the truth this time.