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Clinton’s Updated Tammany Hall—Destroying Democracy and Climate Too?

“Clearly, without open revolt against a Democratic Party dominated by the corrupt Clinton’s new Tammany Hall—a political machine that has hijacked FDR’s party—that machine will shove the climate-unfriendly Clinton down our throats.”


Seven Kids Demand Judge Uphold Their Rights to a Healthy Environment in Landmark Case

Seven young petitioners have started a youth-driven legal campaign to establish the right to a healthy atmosphere and stable climate. They are standing up to Washington Department of Ecology’s (DOE) persistent refusal to set science-based carbon pollution limits.


Hillary Clinton Voices Support for Federal Investigation of ExxonMobil

At a town hall meeting in New Hampshire, Hillary Clinton said that she is in support of the Department of Justice investigating ExxonMobil. Her stance: There is a lot of evidence that ExxonMobil purposefully mislead the American public on climate change.