As Admin Preps ‘Enduring Presence’ in Afghanistan, Peace Activists Build Ties to War Victims

Amy Goodman and Juan Gonzalez
Democracy Now! / Video Interview
Published: Saturday 15 December 2012
“Defense Secretary Leon Panetta has made an unannounced visit to Afghanistan to discuss the Obama administration’s plans for its troop presence over the next several years.”

While the U.S. military is preparing to extend what is already the nation’s longest war, new ties are emerging between the peace movement here and in Afghanistan. The group "Afghan Peace Volunteers" recently invited international peace activists to help launch a campaign called "2 Million Friends for Peace in Afghanistan," a nod to the number of Afghans killed in the last four decades of war and occupation. We’re joined by two U.S.

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ABOUT Amy Goodman

Amy Goodman is the host of "Democracy Now!," a daily international TV/radio news hour airing on more than 900 stations in North America. She is the author of "Breaking the Sound Barrier," recently released in paperback and now a New York Times best-seller.

Afghanistan has one of the

Afghanistan has one of the most corrupt governments on earth
.... Secretary of Defense Leon Panetta promised the people of the United States an accounting of the waste there and that at the pentagon - that has gone on so long and is so pervasive they really do not know what money where. We have a war on DRUGS ??? and every year cultivation of the opium poppy increases . . . We have extended foreign aid till George Bush / Dick Cheney wanted long term bases - we will have an "enduring presesnce????"
DEMOCRAT / REPUBLICAN the correct title is "LIAR"
Republicans demand the Bush tax cuts be made permanent????want to raise the age requirements of both SOCIAL SECURITY and MEDICARE.......
FISCAL CLIFF ????? THE BUDGET ???? WILL ADDRESS GUNS FIRST - which they can not do anything about - SECOND AMMENDMENT RIGHT TO BEAR ARMS".......
I SAID WITH THE LAST ELECTION - - - WOULD WE the PEOPLE" be worse off if we voted them out of office and did without them completely for a term or two,,,,,,look at how they are tap dancing around everything and addresing NOTHING

Without the perception of

Without the perception of legitimacy, there will be no peace. Find ways to represent all segments of the population equitably/proportionately in the decision structures and then have a transparent government that spends aid money on the people and improving their lives instead of mansions in Orange County, Dubai, Afghanistan and padding their Swiss accounts. The US should calculate how much of the money the world allocated to Afghanistan is actually spent on projects that benefit the people.... How much of that money is stolen outright? How can you have peace when thieves rule and collude with criminals local and international? There is never peace without a piece for all involved....

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Froma Harrop
NationofChange / Op-Ed
Published: Thursday 13 December 2012
As the parties wrestle over these numbers — which would pull massive amounts of money out of a still-delicate economy — Republicans insist on bringing in the brass knuckles of another debt-ceiling fight.

Debt-ceiling Nonsense Once Again

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Nothing like a debt-ceiling brawl to raise the public's anxiety levels. The Republican threat two summers ago to let America default on its borrowing helped lower America's credit rating and sent consumer confidence back into intensive care. The people were not amused.


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ABOUT Froma Harrop
Froma Harrop’s nationally syndicated column appears in over 150 newspapers, including The Dallas Morning News, Houston Chronicle, Seattle Times, Denver Post and Newsday. The twice-a-week column is distributed by Creators Syndicate, in Los Angeles. Harrop has written for numerous other publications, ranging from The New York Times and Institutional Investor, to Harper’s Bazaar and Metropolitan Home. Previously, she covered business for Reuters Ltd., in New York, and was a financial editor for The New York Times News Service. A Loeb Award finalist for economic commentary, Harrop was also honored by the National Society of Newspaper Columnists. Over the years, the New England Associated Press News Executives Association has named her for five awards.

There is no reason for the US

There is no reason for the US govt to incur debt or pay interest on it.

The "debt ceiling" is a sham.

The US Constitution (Section 1 Article 8) empowers Congress to "coin money" and "regulate the value thereof".

Ninety-nine years ago Congress vested the power to create money in the Federal Reserve, abrogating its responsibility to control monetary policy.

It is way past time for Congress to take back that power back from the Federal Reserve, or our government and our economy will forever remain under the control of the Banksters.

If Tim Geithner and BO had

If Tim Geithner and BO had more insight into monetary theory, they would understand that the sovereign unit of account (dollar) cannot be forced into default. The mechanism for avoiding this self-imposed limit already exists and can be implemented without Congressional action. It's called minting the trillion dollar platinum coin. The Republicans should put that in their pipe and try to smoke it.

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Amy Goodman
NationofChange / Op-Ed
Published: Thursday 13 December 2012
As he now faces 22 counts in a court martial that could land him in prison for the rest of his life, his lawyer argued in court that the case should be thrown out, based on his unlawful pretrial punishment.

The Trials of Bradley Manning

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ABOUT Amy Goodman

Amy Goodman is the host of "Democracy Now!," a daily international TV/radio news hour airing on more than 900 stations in North America. She is the author of "Breaking the Sound Barrier," recently released in paperback and now a New York Times best-seller.

I would think that any good

I would think that any good Christian and or civilized / compassionate human being would want to expose the unjustified murder of innocents approved of by serial killers in the Pentagon and in the halls of Congress . I would also do all in my power to expose the Greed and Corruption in our government. We these United States of Amerika are led by bought and paid for Traitors who espouse Democracy and Liberty and Justice for all but these words ring hollow . If anyone should be arrested and put on trial it should be Bush , Cheny and Rumsfeld . Because of their LIES and deception , about 7000 young U.S. boys in the military have died in vain and about40,000 were severely wounded some never to be normal again. And that is not counting the MILLIONS of innocent Iraqi and Afghani men , women and CHILDREN who died under our Weapons of Mass Destruction . Since 1950 , the U.S. has threatened , bombed and invaded over 30 poor 3 rd world countries who were NO threat to us . Another attrocity that was kept from U.S. citizens by our elected " public servants " was a 1967 Holocaust .......... [ the murder of 34 U.S. Sailors and Marines ]

I am a 63 year old veteran of

I am a 63 year old veteran of the Marines, and I despise the military. But all this support for the traitor Manning baffles me. He deserves life in prison at the least for taking it iupon himself to violate his oath and promise. Naturally his attorneys and advocates will argue anything they can to mitigate his responsibility. That is not unusual. Even Ted bundy had legal advocates. The gullible will believe the advocates. I don't. Remember General Noriega's lawyers promised the moon also. Manning assaulted the dignity and respect of the US and all it's citizens. Keep him in prison for life. Please.

As a 66 year old veteran I

As a 66 year old veteran I find everything about the treatment of a yet to be convicted American solider disgusting and telling. Especially in a country willing to throw away the very assets used as America's best PR tool, rights, which in our case is the protections our Constitution guarantees. If that is true, then we are already done as a nation. Judging by Manning's treatment to date we are real close. That not a single person has asked if there was treason being exposed by him to his real bosses?
This submitted to “We the People”, to justify his act! Maybe Manning even knew who planned criminal acts? Or if some of our politicians were abusing our allies, you know scamming for extra money? Where is our highly praised justice system here? How about just a little curiosity? And why is there so much blind support of the source, our government, which is so deeply flawed and oozing with criminality, especially with contractors?
All this ranting and raving about laws no one ever pays any attention to! Why, because everyone including the white house leak stuff all the time, ask bush! Then compare what this kid did, not for money mind you, not a bogus act, when the same source charging him with crimes is deliberately allowing wall street and the banks through fraud or criminal negligence to destroy our economy. These are very same people who are jacked up to execute a 23 year old kid that exposed misuses of our secrecy acts!
The whole affair mocks our legal system, craps on our honor, laughs at justice, and leaves the legacy of us less than we were, or what is left of us. Free Bradley Manning, arrest everyone on wall street and the bankers, their all corporate tax evaders the fines would be justified! Who are by use of our authorities using Bradley Manning as a smoke screen? This impractical, irresponsible persecution is going to cost way more than anyone right now imagines. And the shame for being so fooled, disrespect of even our allies for such shabby treatment, for what? Just to allow money to be made fraudulently, while sacrificing a honest 23 year old troop in the middle of graft-fest, good grief, how low can we go? Joe6pK

It seems almost insane to

It seems almost insane to ask, but one has to wonder, what kind of retribution—if any—did the people who masterminded and ordered the helicopter massacre get (not just those who flew it and pulled the triggers)? If anybody should be paying the cost of their actions, shouldn't it be THEM??
All of the public outrage that is missing in this nation is a measure of how far we have fallen, how the media reflects, obeys, and serves the powerful, how much we have handed over our government and destiny to sick people with a distorted sense of what is "security" — and who apparently believe it is both their right and duty to impose their will on the rest of us, whatever the costs.
How on earth are WE judging OTHERS???

Just a reminder — OUR TAXES pay for this. "Fiscal Cliff"? HA! The Moral Cliff, we've already gone over!

All that has resulted so far

All that has resulted so far from Manning's act of conscience is the ability of the administration, congress and the pentagon to better hide the truth from the American People.
Their motive? Global Omnipotent Domination. GOD for short. And Hobama only has a few years left to play Global Omnipotent Dominator. GOD for short.

But in his and their case GOD can also be short for Goofy Offensive Dickheads!

The guy was tortured.

The guy was tortured. "Before" he was found guilty of anything. His "so-called" crime is simply telling the truth to the powers of an "alleged" Democracy. He may have acted in a foolhardy manner but those are often the individuals society ends up hailing as heroes. Let him go home. Our particular brand of "justice" has been served and grossly exceeded. Show an iota of class...Mr.President.

This government has been

This government has been holding Manning only to torture a confession out of him so they could go after the bigger fish to fry, Mr. Wiki leaks himself, Mr. Assuage. In all the months of captivity in solitary confinement that Manning had to endure and the mind games our government put him through to break him, they were not able to get him to sign a confession. Our government in military law is only supposed to hold a prisoner for 120 days and then they are to be charged with a crime and tried for it. Private Manning was held for over 900 days without being formally charged. Is this some third-world gulag or the United States of America?

President Obama said he was being treated fairly. Really Mr. Obama? Really? You are supposed to be a Constitutional Law Professor and I'm starting to doubt your credentials if you can come to this conclusion, or can order the assassination of citizens without formal charges brought against them, or can sign into law an act ( NDAA ) that allows our military to arrest our citizens without cause for indefinite detention. Really, President Obama?

Beyond the horrible treatment

Beyond the horrible treatment of Bradley Manning, what really needs to be examined is why a democracy seeks to kill people around the world and tries to hide the evidence behind the national security scam. Free Bradley Manning and shut down the empire and the military industrial complex.

Although men and women

Although men and women serving in the armed forces do forfeit some of their civil rights when they enlist, they should not have to forego the basic respect and human dignity that Bradley Manning was stripped of in the cage in Kuwait, or in the even worse torture Bradley underwent in Quantico, probably to extract a confession to all charges. I pray for the best, hopefully a full dismissal.

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