If Ever America Needed A People’s Political Revolution It’s Now


It’s time for the American people to take back their government and restore this nation’s democracy. In the America of today, we have a government and a political system which is tightly controlled by corporate money and power.

This government is so thoroughly controlled by special interest campaign funding, so inept and dysfunctional, that it needs to be completely overhauled. Unfortunately, there are few if any individuals in it or outside of it that have any desire or capacity to even begin the process. And the few that believe that this must be done do not possess the means by which to take on these powerful, seemingly invincible corporate entities.

The only way that such a transformational process could ever get off the ground is if leaders step forward who can ignite the currently dormant power of the American people. Senators Bernie Sanders and Elizabeth Warren are such leaders who have called for a political revolution fueled by the power of the people. But while these two leaders have the best of intentions they are not enough; they need others who share their beliefs to join them in the effort.

The time for such a revolution is now, it can’t wait. But while that may be a great idea and one that would have a great potential to turn this country in a new and different direction, that’s easier said than done. The question is exactly how Americans can be motivated to join such an ambitious revolutionary movement when, in most elections, many more stay at home than show up to vote?

There are three key steps that would have to be taken to accomplish the objective of restoring a government of, by and for the people and, along with it, our democracy which is on life support. Here are those steps:

*Most important, those strong leaders must emerge and there is no doubt but that Sanders and Warren are the precursors and will play an important role in the development of this movement. They are, indeed, tapping into the anger and frustration that a large majority of the people feel; they see a government, quite possibility the most incompetent in this nation’s history, that refuses to follow the will of the people.

*Secondly the people, when they hear this call for a revolution, must respond by getting off the sidelines and into the fray. They need to come out to vote in droves or nothing will change. They need to be encouraged by these new leaders to identify those politicians in Washington who are working for corporate interests, who are addicted to corporate campaign contributions, and who refuse to do what is right for this country and its citizens. Their names must be spread across America to make them prime targets to be sent home packing, replaced in future elections with honest, ethical public servants.

*The fresh new wave of competent individuals entering Congress would, hopefully, possess a totally different mindset from their predecessors and work together diligently to develop and put into effect new, comprehensive campaign finance reforms which would ban all corporate contributions in elections and also establish effective controls on individuals’ contributions. Some form of public/government funding of elections should also be studied.

The signs could not be clearer that the mass of the American people, those who are very angry and troubled about what is happening in and to this country, are ready to respond if those like Sanders and Warren can reach them with a new, exciting message inspiring hope for change.

Sanders is doing that so far as he talks about the most important issues and problems facing this country. Here are some of the issues that he stresses as he fills stadiums with those eager to hear message:

*Inequity of wealth and income.

*Lack of jobs and the need to create millions of new ones.

*Our lifeless, stagnant economy.

*Corporate control of our government.

*A vast, bloated military empire, endless war and a foreign policy that no longer works; actually Sanders does not talk about this issue as strongly as he should and he needs to stress it to a much greater extent.

Americans want these important issues addressed, but that can never happen as long as the pathetic politicians that infest this government are allowed to retain their cushy jobs. Those who wield the power in this current government represent an anchor around America’s neck, suffocating and stifling its creativity and the advancement of important initiatives. It’s a government with no vision, no concrete plans for the future.

Therefore, it’s time for the American people to get rid of the deadwood and the obstructionists and start anew, putting a new breed of politicians in charge who have the skills, ability and conviction to set a new course for this country.

Bernie Sanders makes this very important point as he presents his message about the need for a political revolution. He makes it very clear that if he becomes the next president he will not be able to implement any of the initiatives that are badly needed to significantly change this political system unless he has the staunch support and backing of the mass of Americans. Not the lukewarm, less than enthusiastic support that we normally see but a powerful, enthusiastic support from people who have had more than they can take and are ready to rise up and forcefully demand change; i.e.,  we need political revolutionaries.

And that statement from Sanders holds true for any other newly elected president that enters the White House. Without the massive power of the American people, the kind of dramatic change America needs will never happen.

This movement, this political revolution, won’t happen overnight. I think we are seeing the beginning stages of its development. Right now Bernie Sanders is the only candidate that seems to have the capability to get this movement started. The sad fact is that neither Hillary Clinton nor any of the other Democratic or Republican candidates show any inclination to do any such thing.

If Sanders wins the presidency this revolution and movement will most certainly be launched as he will use the presidential bully pulpit, perhaps like it has never been used before, to utilize this power of the people to force those obstructive Washington politicians to either address this country’s problems or just get out of the way. But if Sanders is not elected, then it will take more time and new leaders to make it happen; but eventually it must.

Without question, if ever America needed a people’s political revolution it’s now.


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Michael Payne is an independent progressive activist. His writings deal with social, economic, political and foreign policy issues; and especially with the great dangers involved with the proliferation of perpetual war, the associated defense industry, and the massive control that Corporate America holds over this government and our election process; all which are leading this nation down the road to eventual financial ruin if the conditions are not reversed. He is a graduate of Northwestern University, Evanston, Illinois and a U.S. Army veteran.