BREAKING: DNC Restores Bernie Sanders’ Access to Voter’s Files


Yesterday we broke the news that the Democratic National Committee has suspended the Sanders campaign’s access to critical voter information

In response Bernie Sanders filed a lawsuit against the DNC, properly arguing that the suspension was unfair.

The suit demanded “immediate restoration” and stated:

“Candidates seeking the nomination of the Democratic Party for public office rely heavily on the support of the DNC to organize and publicize their campaign.”

“The loss of DNC support could significantly disadvantage, if not cripple, a Democratic candidate’s campaign for public office.”

Hours later, a deal was reached and Sanders’ access is to be reinstated.

Debbie Wasserman Schultz, DNC chairwoman and long time supporter of Hillary Clinton, made the following statement:

“The Sanders campaign has now complied with the DNC’s request to provide the information that we have requested of them. Based on this information, we are restoring the Sanders campaign’s access to the voter file, but will continue to investigate to ensure that the data that was inappropriately accessed has been deleted and is no longer in possession of the Sanders campaign.”

Jeff Weaver, Sanders’ campaign manager stated:

“Now what we need to restore confidence in the DNC’s ability to secure data is an independent audit that encompasses the DNC’s record this entire campaign. Transparency at the DNC is essential. We trust they have nothing to hide.”

After news broke about the suspension, progressives didn’t hesitate to mobilize, gathering hundreds of thousands of signatures calling for Schultz to release the voter files back to the Sanders’ campaign.

Bernie and his campaign should have full access restored by Saturday morning.


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