Nestlé to be Sued Over Water Groundwater Extraction in California


Three environmental groups – the Story of Stuff Project, Courage Campaign, and the Center for Biological Diversity – have teamed up to sue Nestlé over the extraction of groundwater in California. As the state undergoes a severe drought, Nestlé has continued to extract water for their bottled water despite an expired permit.

The three groups took their first step in October of last year when they filed a lawsuit against the US Forest Service, who they claim has allowed Nestlé to operate despite the drought.

According to the groups, Nestlé’s permit expired over 20 years ago. They want the US Forest Service to order them to cease water extraction until the environmental impact of their water removal can be reviews.

The Story of Stuff Project states:

“While filming in southern California our team uncovered hard evidence that Nestlé has been operating outside the bounds of the law. When Nestlé’s permit to remove water expired 27 years ago, the U.S. Forest Service should have turned off the spigot. But instead, it has allowed Nestlé to continue operating unabated, in violation of the terms of its own permit.

“So to defend the public resources at stake we’ve joined with two great partners—Courage Campaign and the Center for Biological Diversity—to turn up the heat on Nestlé by filing a federal lawsuit challenging the company’s illegal occupation of these public lands.”

Now The Story of Stuff Project has released a mini-documentary “This Land is Our Land.” The film focuses on Nestlé’s groundwater extraction in the San Bernardino national Forest in California and present evidence that suggests the company is involved in criminal activity.

You can watch the mini-documentary below:


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