Americans Do Not Care About Environmental Problems


People have been saying that Americans do not actually care about global warming for a long time now and the truth is that it is nearly impossible to argue with those that say something like this. A recent poll was done by Gallup and highlighted this exact huge problem. Out of the various different things that are considered as being highly important for the average American, climate change ended up being number 14 out of 15. That is definitely a worrying trend.

Gallup wanted to go one step further and ran another poll in order to see what the top environmental problems are according to US citizens. That should automatically highlight concerns and would make people more aware of environmental problems but that is definitely not what happens.

According to the Washington Times, Americans show really low concern levels in connection with climate change. Just one-third of US citizens say that they do worry “a great deal: about climate change. Another survey showed 35% of responders saying that environmental concerns were a major worry, with 8 problems being covered.

To make problems even more daunting, business managers also do not care about the way in which their efforts impact the environment. They will focus on problems like promoting services or outsourcing security instead of how to change operations in order to protect the environment.

Most Americans worry about drinking water pollution, this being the most important environmental problem of interest. At the same time, we do have secondary thought being put into soil contamination and toxic wastes reaching water. Global warming and climate change are basically not growing interest. The increase in worrying noticed in the past year was just around 2%.

Out of the different environmental problems that people showed concern about, drinking polluted water and toxic soil contamination are the main topics. The concern about anything else is a lot lower, including even air pollution.

The very low concern exhibited about global warming and climate change is also noticed by the United Nations Intergovernmental Panel On Climate Change. The institution released a report that warned about the fact that the lack of interest can have severe impact in the future.

Unfortunately, the low concern level about global warming problems as compared with other problems that can be mentioned is not something that is new. In most situations we saw this lack of interest but it does seem that this is a trend that is not at all impacted by the campaigns that are run in the US by environmental agencies.

When it comes to political concerns, we see that close to half of the democrats now think that global warming is a really serious problem. The effort that was put by the president into showcasing why this is a huge concern did not work even with members of the party that he is a member of.

We currently see both the EPA and the Obama administration trying to pursue policies that are aimed at the average Americans. The radical environmentalists do not manage to reach people and cannot convince US citizens about the severity of environmental problems.


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