Misty Snow Makes History as first Transgender Senate Nominee


Misty Snow of Utah, and a huge Bernie Sanders supporter, made history this week when voters chose her as the Democratic Senate nominee.

Snow is the first transgender nominee from a major party to run for a U.S. Senate seat and one of the first to run for Congress. She will challenge Senator Mike Lee come November voting.

Early primary results put Snow at nearly 60% to 40% against her rival Jonathan Swinton. Snow had many alternating views to Swinton, including her stance on abortion rights which Swinton wanted to limit.

The 30-year-old resident of Salt Lake City used a progressive platform to run, openly criticizing Senator Lee, whom she describes as “loathsome.” Snow, a cashier at Harmons grocery, says “A lot of people have told me whether I win or lose, I’m already making a difference just by running.”

Some of the issues Snow discussed during her campaign included calling for a $15 her hour minimum wage, paid family leave, legalized marijuana, criminal-justice reform, and free or reduced tuition for higher education. Every one of these topics has been pushed heavily by Bernie Sanders during his presidential campaign. Snow was heavily influenced by Senator Sanders and his progressive ideals.

Snow believes that after having worked as a cashier and raised in a lower income family, she can relate deeply to “the needs of working people and their families.” She also cares about the LGBT community and how income inequality effects them specifically.


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