NationofChange LIVE at the Democratic Convention


NationofChange will be on the ground joining the protests and fulfilling our readers with live updates, pictures, and video of the events. Check back often for continuous coverage of the Democratic Convention in Philadelphia.

Day 5: July 28th

Hillary Clinton accepts the Democratic nomination for President, becoming the first female in United States history to do so:

Reverend William Barber II gives a powerful speech at the convention:

Day 4: July 27th:

President Obama’s speech at the convention:

Vice President Joe Biden’s speech at the convention:

Tim Kaine’s speech at the convention:

Day 3: July 26th

Black Lives Matter March and Bernie protestors join together to march on DNC convention under heavy police pressure.

Black Lives Matter March from City Hall:

Day 2: July 25th

Bernie Sanders’ Speech at the Convention:

Michelle Obama’s Speech at the Convention:

Daughter of Murdered Honduran Activist Speaks Out:

Laura Cáceres, the daughter of Honduran activist Berta Cáceres spoke to NationofChange on the three month anniversary of her mother’s murder:


index3Jill Stein Speaking at the March:

Protestors had to move the march under an overpass because of a severe thunderstorm causing protestors to have to evacuate the Convention Hall

Delegate Arrival and Marching on the Convention Hall:

Equality Coalition March:

The Equality Coalition March began at City Hall on the morning of July 25th and marched on Wells Fargo Center where the DNC was being held.

Below are a few clips of the speeches, chanting, and marching taking place:

IMG_2057 IMG_2060 IMG_2062 IMG_5952


March for Bernie:

The March for Bernie is going down Broad Street heading to FDR Park

Here is the Facebook event

Liberty Bell Center:

At around 2:15 PM EST the number of people attending the events at Liberty Bell Center was 10,000.

Here is the Facebook event

IMG_1960Speakers included:

Josh Fox, director of Gas Land:

Diane Sipe of Pennsylvanians of Americans Against Fracking: “Our air! We’re going to take it back! Our water! We’re going to take it back! Our democracy! Were going to take it back! Our future for our children! We’re going to take it back!”

Diane Sipe of Pennsylvanians Against Fracking
Diane Sipe of Pennsylvanians Against Fracking

David Braun with Americans Against Fracking: “Shut these toxic polluters down!”

David Braun with Americans Against Fracking

Chief Mann the Turtle Clan leader of the Ramapough Lunaape Nation, who were part of the hosts of the Native American contingency. They spoke against fracking. Their tribe lives near reservoir and their people have been killed from contaminated water. They specifically called out Donald Trump for injustices against their tribe.

As the procession of protestors arrived from Market Street into Liberty Bell Center, live  music was performed and the chanting continued:

IMG_6347Beginning marches down Market Street:

As the marches begin down Market Street, the tone is positive despite the extremely hot day. Some police presence was noted, but the atmosphere remained peaceful.

Environmental Protestors:

IMG_3595Anti-TPP Protestors:













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