Trump supporters: like the passengers standing on the deck of the Titanic as it started to go down

History will show that Trump and his Republican cohorts brought this storm of protest upon themselves when they deceived the American people relative to their true intentions.


The USS Trump, following the course taken by HMS Titanic many years ago, ran into unexpected danger just as it was getting underway on its maiden voyage.

It’s passengers, i.e., staunch Trump supporters, signed up for this voyage because they were extremely impressed by the many great things that were being said about this new, revolutionary ship and Capt. Trump, certainly the best, most respected and admired member of his profession.

After following this course for a relatively short period of time, Capt. Trump and his crew received numerous warnings by other ships in the area that the USS Trump was headed for a field of dangerous political icebergs and should change course immediately; but Trump totally ignored them and, in fact, gave the order to increase the speed of the ship.

This analogy illustrates how Trump’s policies and actions are, thus far, not at all in line with what he promised his followers he would do. Based on recent polls of Americans indications are that many of those who saw him as someone who had the drive and capability to bring real change to Washington politics and provide the leadership needed to solve this nation’s many problems, now see that they were lied to and deliberately misled.

Hillary Clinton was totally wrong in, collectively, labeling Trump supporters, as deplorable. Some of them most certainly fit that description but I’d say, from personal interactions with many of them on an almost daily basis, that the majority of them are sincere, concerned Americans who, in their state of anger and frustration, were desperate for new, enlightened leadership and fell for Trump’s smoke and mirrors strategy.

Let’s review some of the policies and actions that Trump has taken in a short period of time that show why it is that I say that he lied and misled millions of those supporters in the presidential campaign when he indicated that he would act as president in a positive and constructive manner.

Trump wasted no time in initiating travel bans involving nations with large Muslim populations, questioning the competence and motivations of judges who dared to rule against his directives and conclude that the bans were unconstitutional.

He made the terrible blunder of angering millions of Americans when he led the efforts to repeal Obamacare which completely failed. He is, and it’s hard to believe he would actually do such a thing, initiating the process of pulling America out of the Paris Climate Agreement.

Also, Politico reported that, “He will direct EPA to reconsider its recent conclusion that automakers would be able to meet strict limits strict limits on greenhouse gas emissions that would have vehicles getting more than 50 miles per gallon on average by 2025.” He also signed an executive order eliminating regulations on carbon emissions from power plants.

With the stunning, surprising defeat of the GOP Obamacare Repeal, “The Donald” is finding out that he is not going to be able to rule with an iron fist over this Republican-controlled Congress, calling all the shots. In this failure to get the necessary votes to approve the legislation to eliminate Obamacare, we witnessed the power of the Freedom Caucus in the House. Its members will submit to the dictates of neither Trump nor Paul Ryan and will have a significant impact on future legislative matters.

If anyone thinks that these Trump supporters are going to be happy and accept and condone these kinds of destructive actions, when they are looking for positive measures to be taken to solve America’s many problems, then they need to think more deeply because they largely won’t. They are going to be the first ones getting into the lifeboats, leaving that sinking ship.

If we could read Mr. Trump’s mind we might find that he is asking himself this question: “Why in the world did I ever decide to run for the presidency, I never knew it would be this difficult? I’m starting to think that I should leave this mess and get back into what I do best, building my real estate empire.”

If those thoughts are actually surfacing in his mind then that’s great and it would be a good step in preparing for his future, as many political observers believe that his days as president are numbered.

One thing that would take the Trump presidency down in short order would be if someone found a way to obtain a copy of his income tax records; his presidency would sink faster than when the Titanic went down. These tax returns would quite likely reveal some very devastating details about him, and how and with whom he conducts his businesses; revelations that would shock America. If that were not the case then Trump would have produced them long ago. Well, there are some really brilliant hackers and whistleblowers out there and so we’ll see.

His continued misguided agenda clearly is having a large negative impact on his approval ratings which are continuing to drop and that will be the reason why, in the next presidential election in 2020 if he even chooses to run again, he will lose in a landslide, lacking much of the loyal support base he had in 2016.

No one really knows where they will transfer their loyalty relative to political affairs but next time they have the opportunity to vote they will be far more knowledgeable and careful. And, hopefully, they will never again align themselves with a self-serving fraud of a politician who says he will “Make America great again.”

The question is, how much lower can his approval rating go? Well, in some situations we say the sky is the limit; in this one involving Trump we can accurately say that there is nowhere to go but down.

Even worse will be the effect on the Republican members of Congress who, if they make the mistake of closely aligning themselves with Trump, they will suffer from guilt by association, and will lose control of the Senate in either 2018 or 2020 in the Senate. And, then in subsequent elections they could lose the House as well.

Trump is supposedly a real estate genius; he wrote a book called The Art of the Deal that illustrated his self-proclaimed expertise in negotiating complex real estate transactions. When Trump was conducting his campaign he said he would conduct his presidency in the same business-like manner as he did in real estate. But dealing with real estate matters one on one and with small groups is not like trying to deal with Republican and Democratic politicians and trying to govern an entire nation.

Now we know why his presidency is in such disarray, in a state of chaos and confusion. We have to remember that it was Trump, the real estate genius, who “managed” to send 4 of his businesses into bankruptcy. Apparently, he is making good on his promise to “manage” America in the same way and that’s very frightening and troubling indeed.

Trump has betrayed millions of his supporters; He used them merely as a vehicle by which to win the election; he loves to win, he has to win to satisfy his immense ego. He has been disloyal to these Americans who pledged their loyalty to him. And let’s say this: if he is not impeached for Russia-gate or some other reason he will reach the point that the disgust and mistrust of him becomes so great that he will have no other option other than to resign.

Republicans, in complete control of the Congress and the presidency are, because of their twisted agenda, angering more and more Americans each and every day. They must have their blinders on because they can’t see the political tsunami heading right for them, i.e., the wrath of the American people that will smash into them in the next two elections.

History will show that Trump and his Republican cohorts brought this storm of protest upon themselves when they deceived the American people relative to their true intentions. They are, without a doubt, laying the groundwork for their own demise.


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Michael Payne is an independent progressive activist. His writings deal with social, economic, political and foreign policy issues; and especially with the great dangers involved with the proliferation of perpetual war, the associated defense industry, and the massive control that Corporate America holds over this government and our election process; all which are leading this nation down the road to eventual financial ruin if the conditions are not reversed. He is a graduate of Northwestern University, Evanston, Illinois and a U.S. Army veteran.