Stephen Colbert and his amazing trip to Russia

Will Stephen Colbert Run For Presidency In 2020?


Main Reason For Colbert’s Trip To Russia

The famous host of the Late Show and famous comedian Stephen Colbert was making waves all around the USA while he was shooting for several episodes in Russia. After taking a few days off from presenting the TV-show, he returned to America and presented some of the reasons for his trip to Russia and how his journey was misinterpreted in the social and political context between the two countries.

Besides the main reason, which he clearly stated when he was back on the airwaves, that of having to shoot material and episodes for his TV-show, he also took part in the Russian late-night show, Evening Urgant. He took everyone by surprise by making quite a shocking announcement and mentioned that he is considering running for the 2020 elections.

By doing that, he wanted to make a statement of his presence in the industry of late-night TV-shows and to mark his status as one of the biggest TV-hosts. His collaboration with Russian TV entertainment is a step Colbert was willing to take in order to remain in the popularity charts and to promote his TV-show by creating controversy and putting the show into a larger social-political context.

Will Stephen Colbert Run For Presidency In 2020?

The fact that Colbert mentioned him running for the presidency in 2020 was one of the main factors why his trip to Russia was considered controversial. By making a parallel and referring to Donald Trump’s election being fully supported by Russian influencers, he jokingly argued that he won’t ask for any help on the part of the Russians himself. He also added that if he is going to run and will decide on doing that, he will most probably ask for his son-in-law’s help, alluding to the rumor according to which, Donald Trump was supported by his son-in-law, an adviser to the White House and a very influential person.

He began his first show after returning from Russia by making fun of the Russian and American intelligence spies following him in Russia, by saying that instead of following an entertainer, they should be watching people who are potentially risking the integrity of the American States by giving away important state secrets. He made other references to Trump, by saying that if he will ever run for elections, he will never be helped, as Trump was, to win the elections.

Since Stephen’s trip to Russia was full of controversy, the footage on which he and his crew worked on took a lot of time to prepare. The fact that these pieces might be promoted in Late Show increases his and his show’s possibilities of winning a prize at the Emmy Award prize ceremony, which was also decided to be hosted by Stephen. He didn’t give too many details about the impact that his trip to Russia will have on the show itself or which bits of the footage will be included in the series.

Even though he didn’t want to spill too many beans, Stephen did talk about the loveliness and the kindness of the Russians, while remarking the natural beauty of the locations the shooting took place at. He visited St. Petersburg and was invited as a guest to the Russian TV-show Evening Urgant, hosted by the famous Ivan Urgant. Stephen even made a few jokes about the host’s name, saying that his name is actually the equivalent for the English Jimmy.


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