Here are the major companies cutting ties with the NRA

The NRA has a host of more than twenty national corporations that offer discounts to their members, but that number is shrinking fast.


In the wake of the Parkland massacre that left 17 people dead, several companies have decided to severe ties with the NRA for good. The NRA has a host of more than twenty national corporations that offer discounts to their members, but that number is shrinking fast.

  1. Symantec

The major security software company, which is also the parent company to Norton and LifeLock, announced this week that they will no longer offer discounts on their products for NRA members.

Previously, Norton offered NRA members discounts on its subscription plans. The NRA’s Business Alliance site also listed the LifeLock Business Solutions as one company that provided unspecified discounts for NRA members.




2. Enterprise Holdings

The major car rental conglomerate, which operates three major national brands – Enterprise, Alamo, and National, previously had a partnership with the NRA to provide discounts to members. On Thursday, however, all three brans announced that they will be ending the program that provides discounts to NRA members on March 26:

3. First National Bank

First National Bank of Omaha has offered specially branded Visa cards to NRA members for more than a decade. This week, after mounting public pressure and “customer feedback”, the bank announced it “will not renew its contract” with the NRA.

The bank has also taken off all advertising of the “official credit card of the NRA” off of its website.

The bank addressed many of the concerns via Twitter:

4. Allied Van Lines and North American Van Lines

Both national moving companies, which operate under the same parent company, previously offered unspecified discounts for NRA members. On Friday SIRVA, their parent company, told ThinkProgress:

“North American and Allied Van Lines no longer have an affiliate relationship with the NRA effective immediately. We have asked them to remove our listing from their benefits site.”

5. Avis and Budget rental cars

Avis and Budget rental cars, which operate under the same parent company, were offering up to a 25 percent discount off base rate rentals to NRA members. Then, on Friday this week, parent company Avis Budget Group announced that they would be discontinuing these benefits. Alice Pereira, a spokesperson for Avis Budget told ThinkProgress, “Effective March 26, our brands will no longer provide the NRA member discount.”

6. SimpliSafe

Home security company SimpliSafe has decided to end their promotion that gives NRA members two months of free monitoring with the purchase of any new home security system. Cassie King, a spokesperson for the company, writes, “We have discontinued our existing relationship with the NRA.”

7. MetLife

MetLife Auto & Home announced Friday that they have decided to end their discounts for NRA members. Previously the company offered NRA members “generous pre-negotiated NRA group discounts.” They even boasted on their website, “As an NRA member, it couldn’t be easier to shop for car insurance AND support the National Rifle Association. That’s because the NRA has worked with MetLife Auto & Home to provide you with competitive rates and group discounts on auto insurance from several leading insurance carriers.”

8. Hertz

Yet another major rental car company, Hertz, announced Friday that they will no longer be offering discounts to NRA members. Hertz posted on Twitter on Friday:

Previously, Hertz offered NRA members “up to 25 percent off everyday base rates at participating locations worldwide” as well as “additional program benefits.”

9. Wild Apricot/Personify Corp.

Teresa Zimmerman, director of marketing for Personify Corp., software company Wild Apricot’s parent organization, announced late on Friday that she has asked the NRA to remove Wild Apricot from the gun lobby’s website.

“We have contacted the NRA directly and asked them to remove our logo and the affiliated text, as they were actually using that without permission from us. We never had a formal partnership with them.”

Zimmerman noted that one of their affiliate members may have arranged advertising with the NRA without Personify’s knowledge. The NRA previously was advertising that NRA members were offered a 30-day free trial of the company’s website and membership software.



According to a representative of the company, who spoke with ThinkProgress, there was no official partnership with the NRA, and that everyone is offered a 30-day free trial period and was unable to explain why the NRA was advertising the perk as a special incentive to its members.

10. TrueCar

The automative pricing and information website, TrueCar, added to the fray of company’s announcing the end to their partnerships with the NRA on Friday, saying they will end their advertising partnership with the gun lobbying group at the end of the month.

Previously, the company’s website boasted on their special NRA member website that “members save an average of $3,383 off MSRP!”

11. Delta Airlines

Delta Airlines announced Friday that they will be ending their 10 percent discount for NRA members, and has asked the group to “remove our information from their website.”

12. United Airlines

United Airlines followed Delta’s example, and announced that they are ending their similar discount program with the NRA. The company announced the decision on Saturday morning via Twitter:

Both Delta and United Airlines originally insisted that the discount being provided to NRA members was “routine” and offered for group travel. United specifically told ThinkProgress that it “does not have an affiliation with the NRA.”

12. Starkey Hearing

Hearing-aid company, Starkey Hearing, which has partnered with the NRA since 2007 to offer discounts to NRA members, announced this weekend that they will not renew their discount program with the group.


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