Trump smashes a hornet’s nest with a giant club, opens a door to a massive regional war

A large number of America’s most respected psychiatrists have stated that this president is mentally unstable; that he is, therefore, unfit to be the U.S. .president, and must be removed from office.


Do you know what happens when you smash a hornet’s nest with a giant club? In about one second, you will then have a swarm of angry hornets comes after you with a vengeance. Donald J. Trump did that and now he will pay the price he deserves, their swift retaliation. 

Want to know how stupid it was to take out Iran’s top general, Qasem Soleamini. It didn’t do a thing except trigger a major world crisis. So what did Iran do almost immediately? It appointed his successor, a very high ranking general, a close adviser to Soleamini, one said to also be very adept at planning military operations. 

Iran is not a small country in population like Vietnam, Afghanistan, or Iraq, which the U.S. military attacked, and then in each case, had to withdraw. It has a formidable military that has the power to cause massive destruction in the Middle East such as setting the Gulf of Hormuz on fire. A very large portion of the world’s oil moves through this gulf. 

This unhinged president has turned Washington DC and half the world upside down and if he is not stopped at some point soon, by the military refusing to follow his orders, he could easily ignite a massive regional war. Or if he attacks Iran itself Russia and, quite likely, China could step in to defend their ally.

Now would anyone seriously think that Trump would launch an attack and kill the top general of a foreign country, in this case, Iran, just to cause a huge detraction from the articles of impeachment that have been brought against him? 

Would he actually cause a major upheaval in world affairs by killing this Iranian general, that could very well trigger World War III? Would he be so very reckless and foolhardy?

The answer to those questions if a resounding YES, he would and he already did, and now much of the world is aghast and astounded by what he did.

Here’s what he caused when he made his mentally unstable decision. In no time flat, the Iraq Parliament voted to have U.S. forces, and those from a few other nations, removed from that country as soon as possible. 

Their decision will be turned over to the Acting Prime Minister, Adil Abdul-Mahdi,  who has already stated that he agrees with it. So, finally, it appears that Iraq will be rid of foreign troops that should not remain in it anymore.

Shortly after Iran’s leaders announced that the Iranian Nuclear Agreement was dead they declared that they would immediately restart their entire nuclear development program. That is a stunning, shocking announcement that will be met with great misgivings by many of America’s European and other allies who were still working to keep that agreement in effect.

Many close observers are now saying that what Trump did was to “wag the dog.” And many Americans will react by saying, “What in the world is that supposed to mean?

So, let’s start with a refresher on what the term “Wag the dog” really means. In modern history, the term wag the dog means “to distract attention away from a political scandal, often through military action.” 

There was a 1997 satirical film starring Robert DeNiro and Dustin Hoffman which used that idiom in its title. President Bill Clinton was accused of “wagging the dog” when he ordered military strikes on Afghanistan and Sudan, apparently to detract attention away from a scandal involving Monica Lewinsky in the Oval Office. 

This illegal action by Trump should become another article of impeachment and, if McConnell and most or all of the Senate Republicans still strongly support Trump, and refuse to impeach him, then they should be considered as traitors to this democracy. This is now madness in the making and there must be some way to bring the situation under control before it explodes.

Didn’t Trump realize that if he killed that Iranian commander, many others could step into his position and do the same kind of planning as he did? By killing him all he did was take a very tenuous situation and ramp it up into a monumental crisis. This is the work of an unstable president. 

As we have heard all over the news, Iran will not challenge the U.S. military power, it’s leaders are not that dumb. What they will do is to use asymmetrical warfare such as the U.S. faced in Vietnam, Iraq, and Afghanistan, where far outnumbered domestic forces used it to withstand that power and set U.S. troops back on their heels. 

Iran’s allies: thousands of fighters in Iraq, Syria, Lebanon, Yemen and the Gaza Strip who received aid, arms, and training from Tehran. Hezbollah has indicated it will support Iran. And if Trump manages to trigger a massive Middle East conflict watch out for Russia and China who will not stand by and watch the U.S. set that region ablaze. 

It seems that Trump has forgotten that drones such as the one which killed the Iranian general are everywhere, a part of the weapons arsenals of untold numbers of countries, terrorist groups, various allies of Iran and, certainly Iran itself. 

Something very terrible is very likely going to happen and U.S. personnel in various embassies all over the world will be in danger because of this mindless act by Trump. Our military personnel in many installations will also be prime targets because of this pathetic president. That is tragic, that is alarming! That never should have happened.

A  large number of America’s most respected psychiatrists have stated that this president is mentally unstable; that he is, therefore, unfit to be the U.S. .president, and must be removed from office. This must be done, as quickly as possible.


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